Are you an urban working professional looking to know about the future of your career, a retired senior citizen wanting to match kundlis for your children, or a homemaker looking for near-future predictions for the health and wellness of your family? – Do you fall into any of these three categories? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, then you too are a part of India’s growing USD 7+ Bn astrology market. 

Astrology, previously relegated to antiquated pamphlets and discreet discussions with local astrologers, has experienced a remarkable evolution in recent years. Propelled by the winds of change, particularly amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, this ancient tradition has migrated into the digital sphere. 

Leveraging our expertise in developing actionable insights on data-deficient markets, we deep-dived into the world of online astrology and examined the growth drivers, addressable opportunities, and user demographics to uncover the intricacies of the space. 

India’s faith and religious products & services market is witnessing digital disruption: Astrology being the frontrunner 

Currently at USD 350+ Bn, India’s faith and religious products market is ripe for tech disruption across segments. 

While other segments within India’s faith and services market like temples and puja products are yet to witness significant tech disruptions driving them towards being more organized, India’s astrology market has high potential to move towards a more organized structure highlighting significant growth opportunities for players operating in this space. 

Currently, at USD 102-106 Mn, India’s online astrology market is expected to decuple by FY30 

The substantial growth in India’s online astrology market from FY21 to FY23 is largely driven by increased reliance on religious and astrological guidance during the pandemic. 

Several driving forces are poised to catapult the market to a tenfold growth in the upcoming years. 

  1. Growing maturity and comforts of users: Gen Z and millennials, who are avid users of various online services, are now increasingly embracing online astrology as well 
  1. Democratized access to astrology: The accessibility of astrology services has been enhanced through online platforms 
  1. Urbanization & nuclearization of the family: Migration of people to urban regions has changed the family structure leading to higher adoption of astrology through online channels 
  1. Demand from Indian diaspora abroad: Indians residing outside India without access to traditional offline mediums are utilizing online channels to access astrology services 

Our research indicates 6 major user archetypes for online astrology in India 

The users of the Online Astrology Market span diverse demographics and personas, ranging from ‘Urban superwomen’ seeking daily guidance to ‘Retirees’ finding solace in ancient wisdom. 

  1. ‘Affluent Homemakers’ seek astrology consultation for personality guidance and near-future prediction 
  1. ‘Rural White Collars’ are individuals who balance tradition with modernity, leveraging the wisdom of Panchang and Kundli to navigate the crossroads of marriage and career 
  1. ‘Value-driven homemakers’ occasionally consult horoscopes and birth charts to get a glimpse of the future of their loved ones, striking a balance between reality and luck 
  1. ‘City Hustlers’, comprise young individuals, mostly male. They rely on Shubh Mahurat and daily horoscopes to guide their career trajectories 
  1. ‘Urban Superwomen’, predominantly consist of working professionals. This group usually spends on astrology to get insight into careers and relationships  
  1.  ‘Retirees’ with their seasoned wisdom, rely on birth charts and Kundli to forecast the near future predictions and matchmaking for their next progeny 

Operators in India’s online astrology market have witnessed accelerated growth with sustained profitability 

Players in the online astrology space have witnessed a fall in EBITDA margins due to increased marketing spend to acquire more users. Despite the rise in marketing expenses, most major players have been able to remain profitable at an EBITDA and PAT level. 

This healthy unit economics is coupled with efficient user monetization strategies resulting in high ARPU for these platforms. Players are also increasingly focusing on expanding services beyond domestic borders and monetizing from NRIs outside India. 

So, which other segments in India’s tech ecosystem can benefit from the rising demand for online astrology services? 

Overall, online astrology is yet another sunrise sector that is a highly fragmented and unorganized market. While the outlook remains promising for players in the segment, with existing monetization and expansion avenues, the growth for players not innovating and solving for Bharat is likely to plateau. So where will the next phase of growth for players operating in this space come from? 

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