Sep, 2019     

How small and large internet sectors are driving adoption and profitability

E-Tailers on track to significantly reduce cash burn over next few years

Published on: Sep 2019

  • Cash burn expected to drop significantly for e-tailers over next few years
  • Biggest levers supporting the trend are the rapid growth of higher-margin categories (vs mobiles) and improved supply chains to rationalize costs

Challenges and opportunity to digitize intracity logistics for SMEs

  • SMEs still strongly prefer offline channels for intracity shipping, largely due to strong relationships with offline partners which drives high availability, reliability and smooth operations
  • Online players can disrupt the market by using tech to drive better pricing for SMEs

Structural shift happening in the used car market from the classifieds model to transactions driven model

  • Together with value-added services, revenue from B2C+C2B play within the online used car market expected to grow the fastest out of all revenue streams