1. MENA Gaming to exceed $5 Bn by 2025; KSA and UAE leading growth levels

Note(s): List of fastest-growing markets in non-exhaustive.

MENA Gaming is set to exceed unprecedented heights of $5 Bn within the coming 3 years. Post the jump seen in 2020-21 owing to the pandemic, sustained growth is expected across the markets driven by increased spend from existing gamers and more time spent, driving ad revenue. Localization of gaming content, Web3 are other key drivers that will player strong roles.

2. Gaming has crossed Gender boundaries; KSA female gamers paving the way

Beyond the mentioned growth drivers, this massive growth also stems from the growing consumer influx from underappreciated cohorts such as females and Gen X. We see female gaming enthusiasm matching or even eclipsing their male counterparts in many key MENA markets.

3. The intrinsic overlap between gaming and Web3 positions it as an ideal beneficiary from the virtual world

Web3 refers to the futuristic decentralized version of the internet that recognizes individual utility based on blockchain technology and digital tokens. Its meteoric rise and growing investor excitement have brought many of its fundamental components under the microscope.

This naturally sheds more light on already thriving gaming segments such as AR/VR games and In-game concerts with applications such as play-to-earn and digital concerts.

4. The impact of this overlap is already happening with immense potential to mature in the coming years

Consumer enthusiasm to partake in play to earn (P2E) activities, a fundamental stable of Web3, is already growing. Our research shows over 1 in 5 gamers in MENA participate in play-to-earn games for their rewarding nature and to boost income. This further emphasizes the growth potential MENA gaming can achieve in the coming years.


  • Sandeep is the Partner of Redseer Strategy Consultants looking at the Middle East and Africa. He has 13+ years of experience in consulting and technology.