1. Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs

Published on: Oct 2019

  • New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage amongst large chunk of their user base- indicating increasing comfort
  • A significant chunk of app users are having more than 50% of all their transactions recorded on the book-keeping apps, indicating high utility/value provided to the users

2. Subscription users of cloud kitchen apps show stronger platform loyalty (vs on-demand users) even when preferred dishes are unavailable

  • When preferred dishes are unavailable, subscribers of on-demand cloud kitchen apps are much more likely to still buy something else on the platform
  • In comparison, non-subscribers/on-demand users are highly likely to switch to a different platform in a similar situation, indicating lower loyalty

3. E-Tailers sold USD ~3 Bn/INR ~19,000+ Cr of goods during festive event 1- up 30% y-o-y from last year’s event

  • E-tailers were able to see strong sales growth y-o-y despite a relatively challenging macro environment in retail
  • Strong sales event 1 likely to see e-tailers reach USD 6 Bn in GMV for the whole festive month (29th Sep-28th Oct 2019) and touch USD 32 Bn GMV for CY19


  • Mrigank leads business research and strategy engagements for leading internet sector corporates at Redseer Strategy Consultants. He has developed multiple thought papers and is regularly quoted in media and industry circles.