Oct, 2019     

Of digital book-keeping apps, foodtech subscriptions and festive sales

Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs

Published on: Oct 2019

  • New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage amongst large chunk of their user base- indicating increasing comfort
  • A significant chunk of app users are having more than 50% of all their transactions recorded on the book-keeping apps, indicating high utility/value provided to the users

Subscription users of cloud kitchen apps show stronger platform loyalty (vs on-demand users) even when preferred dishes are unavailable

  • When preferred dishes are unavailable, subscribers of on-demand cloud kitchen apps are much more likely to still buy something else on the platform
  • In comparison, non-subscribers/on-demand users are highly likely to switch to a different platform in a similar situation, indicating lower loyalty

E-Tailers sold USD ~3 Bn/INR ~19,000+ Cr of goods during festive event 1- up 30% y-o-y from last year’s event

  • E-tailers were able to see strong sales growth y-o-y despite a relatively challenging macro environment in retail
  • Strong sales event 1 likely to see e-tailers reach USD 6 Bn in GMV for the whole festive month (29th Sep-28th Oct 2019) and touch USD 32 Bn GMV for CY19