Gaming has steadily grown in popularity ever since owning smartphones became the norm for the masses. In recent years India’s gaming market witnessed a surge in growth catalyzed by the pandemic and the advent of live-streaming platforms. A category of ‘hardcore’ gamers has emerged since, who spend a significant time gaming and streaming their gameplay for millions of followers online. In the wake, a trend of ‘Live Gifting’ has also emerged with great market potential for online gifting, as discussed in our previous newsletter on Indian shortform content.

In a recent survey of over 450 gamers, Redseer analyzed both casual and hardcore gamers to understand gaming behavior in both groups and the potential of streaming platforms in the market. Here’s an overview of the gaming market, gamer’s persona, their activities, and gaming influencers on streaming platforms.

1. ~60% of hard core gamers spend on in-app purchases 3x times as much as casual gamers

For the full gaming experience hard core gamers are more likely to spend on in-app purchases. They are also more likely to purchase hardware and accessories that augment their gaming experiences, such as laptops/desktops, consoles, gaming headphones, keyboards, or joysticks. The devices and accessories give access to full features of games that are not otherwise available on smartphones.

2. Live streaming is a fast-growing trend with hardcore gamers showing high awareness of various live streaming platforms

Hard core gamers are not only more aware of different streaming platforms but use them more than casual gamers for live streaming. They spend a considerable amount of time watching other streamers play for entertainment, improving their own game, learning new techniques, discussion with peers or to enjoy their favorite streamer’s gameplay.

3. ~20% of respondents have tipped streamers, with hardcore gamers tipping 3X more than casual gamers

On live streaming viewers get to show their appreciation or support for the gamer through tipping
or “live gifting”. 20% of the respondents report tipping other gamers with the amount ranging from
~INR 200 to ~INR 600 and above.

4. Streamers mostly stream one game and spend up to 4 hours a day on live play

A mismatch exists between Ad-spend by brands and companies and time spent on content consumption by the average users. While users spend 7-10% of content consumption time on short-form videos, SFVs contribute to less than 1% of the digital Ad. Bridging this gap can potentially propel the SFV ads market from $ 80-90 Mn in FY 2023 to $ 3-6 Bn by FY 2030.

5. Game streaming is primarily a source of entertainment, with top game influencers being backed by millions of followers

The most popular live streamers own channels on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. They live stream and record their gameplay for their viewers as a form of entertainment or to showcase their gaming skills. Their content draws millions of other gamers and who trust their skills and opinions. Being backed by millions makes them gaming influencers, opening up opportunities to work with brands for influencer marketing.


  • Kanishka is a consultant who specialises in helping clients plan and carry out research that produces insights that can be put to use. His consultancy experience includes early-stage investing, consumer internet, and process modernization for banks.