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Festive Sale Study – 2020

Published in Sep 2020

Executive Summary

Festive sales during Diwali is generally considered as the flagship sale event for almost every etailer in India. RedSeer has been closely tracking this with ‘festive intel’ product where we share deep intelligence including: 

    1. Learning from previous sales- we can share as is reports on various platforms (market shares, category performance, key trends etc.)
    2. Pre-sales strategy inputs- these are quintessential inputs for creating a strong operating plan for festive season
    3. During sales intel- Daily inputs on sales performance
    4. Post-sale analysis and leaderboard- Post sale analysis both from platform side (market share, NPS etc.) as well as competition side (market share etc.)
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    1. Overall summary of the e-tailing industry performance

    1.1. Growth in average daily sales during sale days
    1.2. Average order value growth trend
    1.3 Player-wise market share
    1.4 Growth trend in online shoppers
    1.5 Category-wise share

    1.5.1 In GMV terms

    1.5.2 In Volume terms

    1.6. Key initiatives taken by players to plan the sales
    1.7 Satisfaction with sales of key stakeholders
    1.8 Comparison of sales with global benchmarks

    2. Customer PoV

    2.1. 2.1 Customer’s Perspective prior to start of sales event- platform wise awareness and desire to shop by category and platform
    2.2 Top of funnel- Customer awareness and conversion incl for new shoppers
    2.3 Player-wise shopper percentage and categories shopped
    2.4 Active customers during the period and new customer additions
    2.5 Platform-wise customer experience
    2.6 Tier-wise customer shopping experience on app
    2.7 Player-wise payment channel share
    2.8 Customer satisfaction (incl for first time shoppers) with

    2.8.1 2.8.1 Product range
    2.8.2 Product Availability
    2.8.3 App user experience
    2.8.4 Web user experience
    2.8.5 Discounts
    2.8.6 Delivery experience
    2.8.7 Customer Support

    3. Seller PoV

    3.1. Category wise sales experience
    3.2 Category wise discount level across e-tailers
    3.3 Overall seller satisfaction level across each player
    3.4 Player-wise seller satisfaction with

    3.4.1 First Mile Pickups
    3.4.2 Logistics and Warehousing
    3.4.2 Seller Panel
    3.4.3 Payment Speeds

    4.  E-tailer Level Performance Map (1/2)- Business Metrics

    4.1. Category-wise GMV share across players
    4.2 Player-wise volume share across categories
    4.3 Performance improvement compared to non-sales period across e-tailers

    4.3.1 In GMV and Volume terms

    4.4. Platform wise traffic trends

    4.5 Category Sales Performance Deep-Dives and Insights

    4.5.1 Mobiles
    4.5.2 TV and Large Appliances
    4.5.3 Fashion
    4.5.4 Grocery
    4.5.5 Home and Others

    5 E-tailer Level Performance Map (2/2)- Success Factors

    5.1 Player-wise Success Factors across categories

    5.1.1 Exclusive Launches
    5.1.2 Bank Offers
    5.1.3 Discounts
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