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Published in June, 2020

Executive Summary

CX Toolkit

Why is it relevant?

Given the Internet boom in India and the rising number of new age internet players in each sector, companies are racing against each other to grab customer screen time & wallet share. Customer satisfaction becomes critical in such a scenario to retain users and having the right benchmark of NPS can help you to boost your current customer centric strategies and retain & add new users as well as beat competition

1. Comprehensive Voice of Customers – Granular customer insights for your platform and across internet ecosystem with positives and negatives about each player
2. A Competitive Edge – See where you stand on NPS across same / cross sector players, so you understand where you are doing better or lacking
3. Grab maximum Customer Attention & Retention – Grabbing customer attention by knowing what makes them try the App and factors enabling their stickiness for each sector / player
4. Better business results – View on critical parameters to focus on, to enhance customer experience and unlock potential financial benefit and improve bottom line

What’s our NPS product?

1. Single-Click User Snapshot – An intuitive dashboard of NPS results of 100+ internet platforms with focus on areas of your platform that are promoted or detracted by users as compared to your competition. Updated quarterly, this tool is powered by Microsoft BI and available as subscription and custom requirements.
2. Customizable Dashboard – Our product will reveal all the critical factors affecting NPS and NPS based on sector maturity and demographic cuts which you can customize yourself at a click

How is it different?

1. Deep expertise in Internet – RedSeer has deep expertise and experience in the internet space. With several years of research and analysis of new-age internet companies, RedSeer has helped its clients in various business areas and made them to grow / scale.
2. Rich with primary and actionable – With more than a 100k+ primary surveys and extensive first hand interactions, we gather rich analysis around customer behavior through validated analytical methodology from several industry veterans and experts, making our product reliable and actionable
3. Insights for customer-first focus– Redseer understands that the ability to make effective decisions depends on the availability of up-to-date business insights and granular analysis on each metrics. We bring multiple layers of NPS for you to make an informed data driven business decisions

  • See: Inside the Report

    1. Overall NPS
    1.1. Sector NPS
    1.2. Sub-Sector NPS
    1.3. Player NPS

    2. NPS by Different categories
    2.1. Maturity of sub-sector
    2.2. Maturity of player
    2.3. Frequency of purchase
    2.4. B2B vs B2C
    2.5. Total User Base
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