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Real Money Gaming: India’s New Playground

Published in Jul, 2020

Executive Summary

Perspective on the Indian skill based Real Money Gaming market, emerging themes and key opportunity areas for growth

Online skill-based real-money gaming (RMG) market in India is estimated to grow to become ~$3.8 Bn by 2024 on the back of growing digital infrastructure – breakneck speed of growing smartphone penetration, low cost of data and vast digital payment infrastructure allowing individuals access to instant real-time inter-bank transactions. Driven by high growth opportunity in RMG market, horizontal players have started foraying in the segment. In 2019, Paytm entered the casual gaming space with Paytm First Games.

This report also covers sector-level insights such as mobile first casual games revenue as well as player-level insights such as Dream11 revenue, Dream11 business model, MPL revenue, MPL business model and Dream11 market share, among others.

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    1. Executive Summary

    2. Online Gaming Market in India
    2.1. Structure of Online Gaming Market
    2.2. Market Size and Growth of Online Gaming Market
    2.3. Growth drivers of Online Gaming Market
    2.4. Segmentation of Online Gaming Market across
    2.4.1. Real Money Gaming Market
    2.4.2. Mobile First Casual Games
    2.4.3. PC & Console Market

    3. Real Money Gaming Market in India

    3.1. Overall market size and growth of RMG Market
    3.2. Segmentation of RMG Market across
    3.2.1. Fantasy Sports
    3.2.2. Card based games

    4. Fantasy Sports Market in India
    4.1. Online Real Money Fantasy Sports Market in India
    4.2. Overall market size and growth
    4.3. Key growth drivers
    4.4. Consumer behaviour
    4.5. Seasonality
    4.6. Market share of leading players
    4.7. Key Metrics of Online Fantasy Sports Market
    4.8. Impact of COVID on the market

    5. Card based Real Money Games in India
    5.1. Overall market size and growth of card based RMG market
    5.2. Market segmentation and consumer behavior
    5.3. Regulatory aspects of Online Real Money Gaming Market

    6. Way forward and market playbook - Fantasy sports and Casual Gaming

    7. Appendix - Glossary & Methodology
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