The e-gaming ecosystem in India has been rapidly growing in recent years, and smartphones have played a significant role in this growth. India has emerged as one of the top markets for mobile gaming globally, with millions of people playing games on their smartphones. 

Smartphones have made gaming more accessible to people across all socio-economic groups in India. With the increasing penetration of smartphones in the country, people are able to access a wide range of games easily. Moreover, with the availability of affordable smartphones and mobile data plans, even people in rural areas are able to play games on their smartphones. 

The rise of e-sports tournaments and leagues has also contributed to the growth of the e-gaming ecosystem in India. These tournaments offer cash prizes and attract professional gamers from across the country, creating a community of gamers. 

Here’s a report on India’s e-gaming ecosystem, which is growing rapidly, and smartphones are playing a significant role in this growth. With the increasing availability of smartphones and mobile data, more people are able to access and play games on their devices, creating a vibrant community of gamers and a thriving industry.