UAE has transformed into a powerful economic force. Today, while accounting for ~15% of GDP, and >15% of tourist inflow to the region. Its strategic location and strong infrastructure have made it a global trade hub over the years. More recently, the pro-business policies of the government have turned the spotlight on investors into the country – UAE represents 22% of MENA VC funding in H12023. The country also depicted the strongest post pandemic economic recovery which is a testament to proactive measures taken by the government and strong consumer confidence in the country. It also boasts of world leading digital enabler penetration. The consumers also spend significant time online creating a conducive environment to tap into the high demand. High level of digital enabler penetration and online time spent have helped several e-commerce sectors including online retail, travel, and food delivery to scale up rapidly in MENA over the years. These factors position the country as a destination of choice for expansion in to the $1.5 Tn MENA consumer spending market The convergence of factors such as strong demand, forward-thinking governance, top-notch infrastructure, and accessible funding has paved the way for or a promising future. However, the market’s distinct attributes warrant a customized approach for success and scale. Unveiling this paradigm holds the key, to ride on the journey starting at a $ 100 Bn now, to unlocking the potential of a >$500 billion digital economy in the MENA region by 2030.