The world of consumer brands has undergone a significant transformation as online retail has grown in popularity and importance. Consumers continue to increasingly search, discover and buy products online. eCommerce is also creating opportunities for new brands to be built and existing brands to market themselves on horizontal platforms and their own websites. There is widespread recognition in consumer product companies that they need to build strong capabilities and presence in onlineretailiftheywantto retain or gain market share in their categories.

Redseer conducted extensive research and analysis of over 1000 consumer product players across categories to identify companies that have been most successful in building a strong eCommerce presence.

Our Ranking of Digital Disruptors is designed to identify the top consumer product companies that are leaders in eCommerce across major retail categories and highlight the key success factors for these digital
leaders. This will also help other players to raise the bar for their online performance.

We have analysed theperformanceofthese companies, using a range of factors such as their market share in online sales in their categories, the share of eCommerce in their total sales, growth, and performance on marketplaces. The result is the first comprehensive ranking of the most successful and influential
eCommerce product companies in India, and insights into what sets them apart from their peers.