Growth & New International Markets Entry Strategy For A 6000+ Chain

Case studies | Apr 1,2019

The global expansion story of Indian internet companies is just starting, long way to go ahead Published on: Apr 2019 Over the last few years, we have seen many Indian internet companies starting to look at foreign shores in the quest for growth. This trend, which started first in the ticketing and food delivery space, … more

Yellow Pages Going Online In Middle East

Case studies | Oct 15,2017

The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive market strategy for an online classifieds player in the Middle East. The firm wanted to expand to a new geography and RedSeer developed a market strategy for them, entailing all the necessary elements; identifying the market landscape, benchmarking the competitors, the unit economics of the … more

Customer experience assessment for e-tailers

Case studies | Oct 15,2017

Our client one of the largest e-tailing players in India wanted to benchmark its customer satisfaction with the competitors and understand the satisfaction across key parameters.

Business plan support for an internet kitchen launch in India

Case studies | Oct 15,2017

Our client wanted to launch an Internet Kitchen Service in a metropolitan city in India. The broad objective of the project was to understand the market scenario for online food delivery in the target city to support the business plan. This included landscaping the different geographical clusters in the target city followed by competitor benchmarking, … more

Due Diligence on Online Hotel Aggregator

Case studies | Oct 13,2017

The project dealt with conducting due diligence on a top online hotel aggregator brand in India for an investment fund. The due diligence process includes understanding the online travel aggregator market, its key players and the future plans of these players. It also includes understanding the various key performance indicators pertaining to Customer Experience, Partner … more

Due diligence on Furniture e-tailing market in India for a PE Fund

Case studies | Oct 13,2017

The client was a private equity fund who wanted to understand the furniture e-tailing market landscape in India. RedSeer helped them perform due diligence on the industry which entailed competitor benchmarking, gauging customer preferences and understanding the target firm’s brand image and position in the market versus its competitors and alternatives. We used separate approaches … more

Distribution Network revamp for medical equipment player

Case studies | Oct 12,2017

  The client was a medical equipment player based in India. The client wanted to find out the potential market size and the growth prospects for the industry over the next 20 years to assess and strategize the revamping of the medical equipment distribution network to fuel growth. Our approach involved making tools and models … more

Store rollout strategy for a chain of dialysis center

Case studies | Oct 12,2017

Rolling out a new business model especially in the medical sector would require a deep understanding of the market dynamics and consumer preference. In a likewise study the client, an India-based chain of dialysis hospitals wanted an insight into the market for dialysis patients in six Tier-1 cities across India. The project had 4 key … more

Supply chain strategy for 2-wheeler manufacturer

Case studies | Oct 12,2017

The client, a two-wheeler manufacturer based in India, wanted to deep dive into the motorcycle market in India and understand the supply chain process for the top players in India. The goal was to identify the supply side gaps created by the current offerings in the industry and the customer demands. The approach looked at … more

Growth Strategy For A Multinational Hybrid Seeds And Pesticides Company

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

The project was aimed at helping a multinational company dealing in hybrid seeds and pesticides develop a growth strategy based on adoption among consumers, the buying behaviour observed among the consumers, the client’s positioning in the market relative to the competitors and the potential supply-demand gaps in the market. To tackle this problem, we gained … more

Market Expansion of Automotive Industry

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

  The client, a leading automotive technical textile manufacturer, wanted to assess the opportunity for 3 product categories, including automotive soft trims, and understand how they should go about it. The project entailed developing an action plan for market entry for each of the products. Firstly, the target customer base was to be determined. Next … more

Product Line Expansion for Home Appliances Player

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

  Making an entry into the market space with a new product category requires a strategic planning and deep understanding of the present dynamics. A study on similar lines was conducted for an Indian MNC with annual revenue of more than USD 1 billion to understand the consumer preferences before extending their product line. Also, … more

Brand health check for a retail brand

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

Creating a brand value is one of the key reasons for the success of any large retail brand. The brand value which the consumers perceive helps the brand in getting associated with loyal customers. We conducted this study to check the brand health of a large retail brand. The focus was to help the client … more

Market potential and perception of plant population for rice seeds

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

      In recent times, the primary sector of India i.e the agriculture has been receiving a lot of development in terms of market readiness and technology implementation. The study is aimed at understanding the farmers’ perception on plant population and usage of tools provided by the client for optimum yield. We have also … more

A Strategy to Address Adoption and Buying Behaviour of Farmers

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

Agri-retail has been one of the booming areas which has witnessed popularity in the recent past on an account of the technology infiltering every sector. Market competitiveness has not left agriculture especially with the advent of market penetration of various brands and a new variety of seeds and materials which has increased the produce many … more

Business Model Evaluation for a Physical Education Player

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

  Physical education (PE) in the recent past has come to the forefront, especially with the increasing inclination of the masses towards fitness. The study was conducted to assess the PE market and to benchmark the competitors to develop a future growth roadmap and the market entry strategy for the client. An estimation of the … more

Government Strategy for ITIs to ensure sustainability

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

  The industrial sector in India is taking a great leap keeping in view the global industrial movements. Likewise, the government is taking an active interest in creations of ITIs for creating a long sustaining development. The study involved creating the strategy for ITIs to ensure sustainability in long-term and optimal usage of budget allocated … more

Market Acceptance Study for Upcoming Models Of A Leading Passenger Vehicle Manufacturer

Case studies | Oct 11,2017

The automobile sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. With the huge manufacturing and the presence of various brands comes the need to position these vehicles in the market, based on the different needs of the consumer. A similar study was conducted for our client, a leading passenger vehicle manufacturer, who wanted … more

Delivery Performance Assessment Of E-tailers In India

Case studies | Oct 5,2017

  Our client, one of the largest e-tailing players in India, wanted to benchmark its delivery performance with the competitors. The client also wanted to understand the order to shipment and shipment to delivery times of players and the share of captive vs 3PL in the overall deliveries of the players. The client wanted to … more

Brand Health Measurement Of Online Food Aggregators In India

Case studies | Oct 5,2017

  Consumer internet space has taken a steadfast growth in the recent times, especially with the wave of digitalisation kicking in and the internet becoming accessible in every nook and corner. In a similar study for our client, one of the largest food-tech players in India, we assessed the brand health indicators like consumer awareness, … more

Business Model Evaluation And Future Roadmap Development For A Portfolio

Case studies | Oct 5,2017

Private Equity funds and VCs have taken a great initiative in shaping major businesses in and around the nation. Funds take great interest in contributing and collaborating with emerging initiatives and business plans with thorough research work. One such study is where we helped a fund assess the Physical Education market and conducted competitor benchmarking … more

Assessing The Success Mantras Of Hotel Aggregator Models In India

Case studies | Oct 1,2017

  Indian hospitality sector is beginning to witness some unprecedented growth from the time new hoteling models have disrupted the whole conventional scenario. An analysis was done to understand the value addition through various hotel aggregator model on the basis of customer and partner experiences. And what could be the resultant value addition of each … more

Lending Market And Target Segment Assessment

Case studies | Sep 29,2017

The MSME sector has rightly been denominated as the engine of growth for the Indian economy. Its recent development as a potential business investing ground from home and abroad is a testimony to the above statement. In the same respect, a study was done for a client to understand the MSME segment in India, their … more

3PL Benchmark Assessment

Case studies | Sep 29,2017

Over the last decade with the internet boom taking place and more e-commerce and e-tail services coming up, the role of Third Party Logistics(3PL) has become really important. In the present times, more than 86% of the Fortune 500 companies use these services. A study was carried out in order to understand the performance of … more

Due Diligence On Child Care Omni Channel Retailer

Case studies | Sep 21,2017

Modern consumer habits of the Indian consumers have graduated to a level that was difficult to formulate a few years back. Complex processes like Omnichannel have reshaped the retailing approach today, integrating both offline and online on a common platform. Here is a study that was done for a fund client to help the fund … more

Market sizing and opportunity assessment for a leading Consumer goods client in kitchen cabinets in India

Case studies | Aug 14,2017

Kitchen cabinet market has erupted as a successful division of the home furniture segment in India. Gone are the days when kitchen remodelling used to be a concept only limited to Tier 1 city. As a changed scenario of new construction methodologies, modular kitchens have had a spurred growth seeing their way into home marts … more

Location Strategy For An Upcoming Chain Of Day Care Hospital

Case studies | Feb 16,2015

Daycare hospitals have come up as a new breed of hospital format mushrooming in the treatment sector. The specialised services available at these centres, personal attention are few of the features that are attracting huge masses towards this format. 27% of deaths happen in India due to untimely and improper medical attention. In a scenario … more

RedSeer Helped A Fortune-50 BFSI Firm To Optimize Operational Costs Of Its Outsourced Technology Center

Case studies | Feb 10,2015

Operational efficiency in recent times has become one of the major talked about issues and a huge amount of efforts are going into maintaining it. One such study was conducted by Redseer to understand and optimize the operational costs of outsourced technology centres for a Fortune-50 BFSI firm. The financial crisis had led to renewed … more

Business Model Validation and Market Leadership Strategy Development

Case studies | Dec 4,2014

E-commerce is one of the most blooming sectors these days and is growing at a tremendous pace. Due to the high competition in the market, customer satisfaction has become a very important factor for the business growth. Our client, a relatively new company in the outsourced physical education space wanted their business model to be … more

Attaining excellence in manufacturing operations

Case studies | Dec 2,2014

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that is considered as the backbone of the economy. A robust economy is a clear indicator of a fast-growing manufacturing sector. A USD 140 Mn manufacturing client wanted to improve the capacity utilization of its core manufacturing facility that lacked operational efficiency and strategic approach, despite a world-class infrastructure … more

Organization Design for A Leading India Based Manufacturing Company

Case studies | Nov 21,2014

Sales and manufacturing are the two most important factors for any industry. A leading battery company in India transitioned from sales focused to manufacturing focused, but the organization was not prepared for the change. There were a lot of unforeseen factors which came into play. A team of analysts conducted primary and secondary research and … more

Demand- Supply Gap in China Dairy Industry

Case studies | Oct 18,2014

Diary is a very essential everyday consumable throughout the world. Dairy is a business established for the harvesting or processing of animal milk, mostly cows, buffaloes or goats, but also from sheep or camels for human consumption. It supplies milk to industries which make milk products. A dairy is typically located on a dairy farm … more

Roll-Out Strategy For Chain Of Dialysis Centres

Case studies | Oct 12,2014

Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine and the only treatment that does not involve any operation or transplant and yet allows a patient with end-stage organ failure to live a long, healthy and productive life. In India, dialysis is reserved for the very rich, or to those eligible for full medical … more

Redseer Helped One of Top-3 Indian Pure-Play BPO Create Domain Expertise And Knowledge Base

Case studies | Aug 19,2014

Business process outsourcing involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. BPOs are mostly service based. Our client, one of the largest e-tailing players in India, wanted to benchmark its customer satisfaction with the competitors and understand the satisfaction across key parameters. The company had … more

RedSeer Helped A Top Travel Portal in Restructuring Their Monetization Strategy

Case studies | Jul 5,2014

Travel and tourism is a fast-growing vertical in India. People have started travelling for luxury lately and a lot of Indian economy is coming from tourism. Along with the growth in the industry, the competition among travel service providers have also boomed up and people look for better offers before planning any trip. Our client, … more

Benchmarking the Distribution in India for a leading French major in alcoholic brand

Case studies | May 17,2014

  India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world. A swift increase in the urban population, a sizable middle-class population with rising spending power, and a sound economy are significant reasons behind the increase in consumption of alcohol in India. A decent amount of alcohol is imported in India and many … more

Landscaping And Opportunity Scoping For Retail Stores For Food

Case studies | May 10,2014

Grocery in the most important day to day necessity of every household. Every family needs an adequate amount of grocery every day for survival. Starting from small kirana stores to big supermarkets, grocery is available in every nook and corner of India. The level of competition is very high due to numerous brands and stores … more

Feasibility Analysis and Modeller

Case studies | Mar 10,2014

Redseer created a Feasibility Analysis Modeler for a large hospital chain. It has been designed as per the functionality procedures of the hospitals. This modeller can help the user in conducting all types of financial analysis for a new centre or for any existing centre. Firstly, the financial projections along with the detailed P&L and … more

Delhi Radiology Market – Market Overview

Case studies | Nov 17,2013

Healthcare market is seeing a sharp growth in many sectors, one of which is radiology (X-rays, MRI, CT-Scans, Ultrasound, Mammography and Dexa are covered in the radiology market). With the emerging trends and technology, it is interesting to see the tremendous scope that this sector has to offer. Radiology is used in the context of … more

USD 250 M Investment Due-Diligence for A Power Plant Project

Case studies | Sep 9,2013

A power plant is an industrial facility used to generate electric power with the help of other energy sources or generators which converts different energy sources into electric power. A private equity fund (owned by one of the top EPC players in India) was looking to raise USD 250 Million for investing in a power … more

Commercial Due Diligence in Offline Supplemental Education Market in T1 and T2 cities

Case studies | Nov 22,2012

With the growing demand and competition in the education industry, there are multiple offline courses or tuition classes that have emerged to coach school going kids after school hours. To keep kids on par with the growing competition, parents have started sending their kids to tuition classes to groom their knowledge. Parents feel that a … more

Commercial Due Diligence in Online Supplemental Education Market in T1 and T2 cities

Case studies | May 22,2012

With technology taking over the world, even education has become tech-friendly. With numerous courses and texts online, knowledge is just a click away. But along with e-courses, there are individuals who still prefer their children learn via the traditional methods. Many firms have started offering online courses and certifications along with it and the competition … more

France Telecom Health Care Initiative

Case studies | Feb 11,2010

The client, a multinational telecommunications player based in France, Orange, wanted to enter the digital healthcare space through its healthcare division, Orange Healthcare. The company’s motivation to enter the e-health arose from survey results that pointed to France lagging in the digital healthcare space compared to other European countries and hence wanted to develop a … more