Mergers and acquisitions are crucial corporate development efforts taken by an organization. Achieving rapid growth is mostly the primary reason behind buying, selling or combining different companies, that is, going in for an M&A. However, such decisions are taken after considering many important facts. This is where drafting an effective M&A strategy comes in handy. The success of any M&A depends on the corporate strategy framed and followed by the organization.   


Redseer was approached by a leading Europe-based gaming company that was planning to go for an acquisition of an online gaming startup in India. However, with the growing competition in the gaming space, due to the uptick during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, the challenge was to identify the right player that would help the company achieve rapid growth.  


India’s online gaming market has been flourishing like never before. In fact, India is slated to become one of the world’s leading markets in the gaming industry. This meant that we at Redseer had to do extensive research on this changing landscape.  As the first step, we listed out all the gaming platforms that are out there, that is, both traditional and new-age players.  

Post that, we identified the players that have been having a great run so far. We went through the financials of these businesses to find out the companies that are eyeing acquisition and fit the bill the most. After multiple rounds of discussions, we finally listed out the best potential opportunities for a successful acquisition for our client.  


The client was presented with the best acquisition candidate list with exhaustive details about each of them. This helped the company understand the complex, ever-growing and highly competitive gaming market in India and pick out the best suited candidate that could power its business growth. 


  • Kushal has worked with funds as well as corporates across the eHealth, Hyperlocal, eGrocery, Fintech and beauty & personal care verticals. He gained immense experience in global healthcare consulting and has been able to bring that knowledge to build the digital healthcare practice here.