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Indonesia eB2B – On A Springboard

newsletters | Mar, 2022

eB2B retail has seen strong growth and share of FMCG has increased in 2020

MENAP eB2B: USD 10 Bn opportunity unfolding

newsletters | Oct, 2021

The USD 1 Bn eB2B market is setting itself up for explosive growth with penetration levels

VIETNAM eB2B: Sit Up & Take Notice

newsletters | Dec, 2020

The eB2B market is quite nascent at < USD 150 Mn in 2020, and is effectively a duopoly with top 2 players commanding a majority of the market...

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Driven by a consistent expected increase in private consumption, the Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25 Published on: Nov 2...