Of digital book-keeping apps, foodtech subscriptions and festive sales...

newsletters | Oct, 2019

Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs Published on: Oct 2019 New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage amon...

Festive sales 2019 off to a strong start and other key internet trends...

newsletters | Oct, 2019

E-tailers have achieved $ 1.8 Bn sales in first 3 days of the sale, on track to have a highly successful sale event Published on: Oct 2019 First three days of festive sal...

E-tailing horizontals vs verticals and Flipkart’s furniture success

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Flipkart has grown to capture 41% of online furniture market share Published on: Sep 2019 Hyperlocal e-grocery- Market growing at triple digits, with sector specialists c...

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabl...

Can MENA Have A Superapp?

newsletters | Jul, 2019

Globally, apps are taking superapp journey by adding services to its offering and increasing per-customer revenue Published on: Jul 2019 A country/region becomes superapp...

Food-tech Market Updates

newsletters | Jul, 2019

Food-tech daily volumes become 1.4X of cab-hailing in May 2019 (from similar volumes 5 months back) Published on: Jul 2019 The contrasting fortunes of the cab hailing and...

Indian Habit of Being Healthy

reports | Sep, 2018

A USD 100 billion opportunity by 2022 in Preventive Healthcare Market

Business plan support for an internet kitchen launch in India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Our client wanted to launch an Internet Kitchen Service in a metropolitan city in India. The broad objective of the project was to understand the market scenario for onli...

Market potential and perception of plant population for rice seeds

Case studies | Oct, 2017

      In recent times, the primary sector of India i.e the agriculture has been receiving a lot of development in terms of market readiness and technology ...

Brand Health Measurement Of Online Food Aggregators In India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Consumer internet space has taken a steadfast growth in the recent times, especially with the wave of digitalisation kicking in and the internet becoming accessibl...

Online Food Delivery Sector Scorecard: Q1’2017

graphs | Jul, 2017

Report on Food-tech Industry:  

Indian Food-tech Industry to Become $ 4 bn Market by 2020

graphs | Jul, 2017

  Report on Indian Food-tech Industry.   DOWNLOAD HERE

Food-tech Industry Sees Decline in Repeat Usage with Inflow of New Cus...

graphs | Jun, 2017

  Report on Indian Food-tech Industry from Q1 CY’17. With players looking to increase their penetration and onboarding new customers to their platform. There i...

Online Food Delivery maintains momentum in Q1’17

reports | Apr, 2017

Overall partner satisfaction witnessed a jump of 900 bps driven by business growth prospect

Insights on Online Food Ordering Platforms from OND-16

articles | Jan, 2017

This document covers insights on food-tech Industry from Q4CY’16.   DOWNLOAD HERE

E-tailing and Food-tech to be negatively impacted by demonitization

graphs | Dec, 2016

This document is a chart which shows the near term and mid-term impact of demonitization on e-tailing, online cabs, food-tech and hyperlocal grocery. DOWNLOAD HERE...

A Perspective on Online food aggregators – OND16

articles | Dec, 2016

This document covers the performance of the food-tech industry in Q4 calendar year 2016 covering the performance of the players and consumer NPS. Foodtech Industry Perfor...

Analyst Food Report

reports | Dec, 2016

Online food delivery is expected to grow by 150% to reach USD 750 million in 2017

Health Food Drinks On A Road To Transition

reports | Jan, 2016

HFD in India was a USD 860 Million market in 2017

Hyper local and food-tech get positively impacted by demonitization

graphs | Jan, 2016

This document is a chart which shows the percentage impact of demonitization on November 2016 on e-tailing, online cabs, food-tech and hyperlocal grocery. DOWNLOAD HERE...

Landscaping And Opportunity Scoping For Retail Stores For Food

Case studies | May, 2014

Grocery in the most important day to day necessity of every household. Every family needs an adequate amount of grocery every day for survival. Starting from small kirana...