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We are one of the largest and the most widely quoted internet focussed research and advisory firm. Our experience involves delivering more than 5000 engagements for 100+ clients across the globe.

What truly differentiates us is our proprietary methodologies along with high-quality research to serve the end to end needs of the internet companies.

Our Offerings

We offer research and advisory services across consumer internet sector including but not limited to:

  1. Platform Strategy: New product/ market strategy, Feasibility assessment, Opportunity assessment, Monetization models.
  2. E-accelerator Suite: Gap measurement, Root cause analysis and Acceleration etc.
  3. Customer Excellence Programs: Segmentation, need-gap analysis and life-time value, NPS etc.
  4. Partner Excellence Programs: Partnering strategy, Deal/ agreement strategy and partner experience and value creation.
  5. Operations: Supply chain optimization, Omni-channel strategy.
  6. Sector Narratives Reports.

Impact Delivered





$30 Bn+

deals and growth delivered


business consulting services

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