1. Online Content sector has seen an overall positive uptake during COVID

COVID-19 has separated India Internet into various buckets- with clear beneficiaries and strugglers being the two extremes.

Online Content falls in the beneficiary segment with growth in OTT Video consumption and growth in traffic and engagement for shortform and news aggregator platforms.

2. There are differences in COVID impact seen on subsectors within content space

COVID 19 has led in the growth of engagement across OTT Video and Shortform+ News Aggregator platforms.

However, it will be interesting to watch how will the COVID world impact these engagement levers?

3. Within a specific subsector, the COVID impact on DAU terms is varied by platform

The top shortform and news aggregator platforms have witnessed growth in daily active user growth driven by better content, marketing campaigns and frequent notifications. However, for other platforms, the user growth has been flattish.

Big question is – what will be the user growth and retention trajectory post COVID and how many of the new users will be monetizable?

4. NPS for top content players was similar pre-COVID. But who will win the satisfaction/stickiness race post COVID?

Customer NPS has been increasing over last quarters across industry owing to improvement in the quality of content, focus on originals and expansion of regional content.

Big question is – As MAU grows during COVID, how many of the pre-COVID satisfaction levers will still be relevant in a post COVID world to make new users stick around?


  • Mohit is an expert in Strategy, Performance Enhancement, Digital Services, M&A, and Due Diligence. He has 25 years of experience in management consulting, financial services, start-ups, and digital transformation.