1. India’s eHealth models have proved themselves as highly valuable to their consumers in pre-COVID scenario

eHealth platforms that deliver strongly on consumer NPS can capture a large share of value.

But what is the secret sauce to having a highly satisfied consumer base in this space?

2. Edtech in India has had challenges with monetization owing to low willingness to pay- but still has a highly satisfied paid user base

Our research on free Edtech users indicates a significantly lower willingness to pay for the paid offerings. However, once a user decides to pay, their NPS is one the industry highest.

How will be the post COVID world impact these metrics?

3. Both edtech and eHealth have seen significant uptake during COVID scenario, with bullish long term outlook

COVID-19 has separated India Internet into various buckets- with clear beneficiaries and strugglers being the two extremes. Edtech and eHealth fall squarely in the beneficiary bucket – with massive growth in adoption.

4. What will the post COVID world mean for these two digital sectors? Our consumer research shows very strong tailwinds

Our Pan-India consumer research clearly indicates a significant sticky growth for online education and eHealth sectors post COVID-19.

Big question however is how much of this growth is going to sustain over the longer term, and how much of this will be monetizable?


  • Kushal has worked with funds as well as corporates across the eHealth, Hyperlocal, eGrocery, Fintech and beauty & personal care verticals. He gained immense experience in global healthcare consulting and has been able to bring that knowledge to build the digital healthcare practice here.