1. Gaming in MENAT represents a $ 6.5 Bn market in 2021

APAC generated ~$ 88 Bn in gaming revenue, accounting for ~50% of global gaming income. North America was the second-largest region by game revenues, making up a quarter of 2021’s total global games market ($43 billion). Within APAC, ASEAN nations together generated $ 6 Bn. India is a promising growth market as well which minted ~$ 2.2 Bn. MENAT accounted for ~$ 6.5 Bn with a y-o-y increase of 15%, one of the highest globally.


2. UAE & KSA boast of high penetration of Gamers enabled by strong smartphone & internet penetration…

UAE & KSA among other countries in the region, are attractive markets for gaming, with the enabler ecosystem well established. MENAT, although it contributes a small portion of the overall gaming market, is poised to become the growth engine for the segment in the short to medium term.

In 2019, for example, total players from the MENA exceeded those from North America. By 2022, the MENAT will outnumber Europe in terms of players.

3. …coupled with an average spend 6-7x that of some of the emerging markets like India

The Gaming Industry in the Middle East, like other regions, has benefited from COVID-19. People have gravitated into gaming as a result of lockdowns and safety precautions, resulting in a tremendous increase in the audience accessible to publishers.

Companies have witnessed an increase in active and paying users, which may be attributed to both new users and those who had previously left and returned to these platforms. Furthermore, gaming platforms have enabled players to socialize and network with friends and co-workers from the comfort and security of their own homes.

Countries in the MENA region boast of a) extremely high time spent on gaming coupled with b) average user spend 6-7x that of emerging markets like India, representing a very lucrative opportunity.

4. The supply side is gearing up to tap into the massive opportunity which is unfolding, through localization, technology investments and eSports events

The supply side is also geared enough to understand the dynamics of consumer needs in these markets and curate offerings to service those needs.

Localization, investments in VR/Wearables, promotion and organization of eSports are some of the key initiatives we see taking place in the region.

We expect global players to adjust their content to meet the needs of MENAT consumers, and also see MENAT users adapting global material over the short term. Indeed, regional players like Falafel Games and Tamatem Games, a producer of Arabic mobile games, have begun to emerge as a result of their culturally appropriate content.


  • Sandeep is the Partner of Redseer Strategy Consultants looking at the Middle East and Africa. He has 13+ years of experience in consulting and technology.