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The Dire Need and Rise of Digital Chronic Disease Management in India...

reports | Jun, 2022

With close to 242 Mn people suffering from hypertension, 75 Mn people suffering from diabetes, and 67 Mn people suffering from cardiovascular conditions, digital chronic ...

Neobanking in India The Matrix Upgraded

reports | Apr, 2022

India retail banking is poised for disruption as neobanks look to revolutionise personal banking experience

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022

reports | Mar, 2022

Ramadan is a $6.2 Bn online sales event in MENA. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA.

Redseer Ground Zero 6.0 – Golden Age of India Internet | Event R...

reports | Mar, 2022

The report covers the sectors which were addressed at Ground Zero 6.0: the most recent trends, challenges, growth drivers, and the way forward within each of these sector...

Consumer Internet in Indonesia

reports | Feb, 2022

Indonesia’s e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing globally and accounts for more than half of the SEA e-commerce market...

India Diabetes Market Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Diabetes care market in India is ~$17 Bn in size as of FY21, expected to grow 3X+ to ~$59 Bn by FY31.

SEA Fintech Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Robust economic growth and digitally engaged consumer creates massive opportunity to drive innovation in Fintech adoption

Leveling up India’s Gaming Market 2021

reports | Nov, 2021

The gaming market in India is a $2.2 Bn industry, and is projected to grow at ~30% CAGR to reach $7B market -- more than 3X in the next 5 years....

Building up the e-gaming ecosystem of India and the influence of smart...

reports | Nov, 2021

Digital Gaming in India has undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade as internet and smartphone access have changed the way Indians consume the internet....

Gated community $ 500B consumption story in 2026

reports | Nov, 2021

Gated communities are a significant part of India’s consumption story with $200B cumulative spend expected to grow by 2.5X in the next 5 years...

Black Friday – $6Bn Online Shopping Event

reports | Oct, 2021

Black Friday is a critical event in the retail calendar in MENA. This event which was first launched by Souq (now Amazon) as a 3-day online only event has now expanded to...

Travel Market in India, SEA & GCC

reports | Oct, 2021

Travel market size of India was ~$75 Bn in FY20, expected to grow to $125 Bn+ by FY27

Entertainment & Advertising | Riding the Digital Wave

reports | Oct, 2021

India's shortform space is set to be the second biggest segment in terms of time spent in the next one year after Internet mammoths like Facebook and Google....

Indian Shortform video : Ready to leapfrog towards monetization?

reports | Oct, 2021

Video shopping in India is also expected to accelerate and grow to $4+ Bn by CY25 inline with trends seen in China.

Report on market for “Higher Education Abroad”

reports | Oct, 2021

Growth in Indian students studying abroad for Higher Education had outpaced domestic student growth by >6x in 2016-19 to reach ~ 770k...

Quick-commerce A $5 Bn Market by 2025

reports | Sep, 2021

Consumables market in India is expected to become $~ 1 Tn by 2025

#3 Delivery Delight Index

reports | Jul, 2021

This third edition of Delivery Delight Index has unveiled how digitally native brands are providing a superlative delivery experience on the back of third-party logistics...

Indian Female Innerwear’s $12 Billion Opportunity

reports | May, 2021

The female apparel market, which stood at USD $25 billion in 2019, is expected to grow up to USD $38-40 billion by 2025.

The rise of Made in India digital content

reports | Apr, 2021

Short-form video user base is back to nearly 100% of pre TikTok ban, with strong loyalty to Indian apps

Delivery Delight Index

reports | Mar, 2021

Delivery Delight Index aims to help brands and platforms to assess their relative positioning in terms of delivery experience provided and how they can improve their deli...

Ground Zero 4.0 | Scaling Up – Event Report

reports | Feb, 2021

Strong festive season saw 66% y-o-y growth in sales driven by small city customers and set the stage for a successful CY20 and beyond for e-tailing....

Indian eGrocery: A promising opportunity led by value-first users

reports | Jan, 2021

Indian Grocery – $850 Bn+ market (2025) up for digital disruption

1/12 RedSeer Shadowfax Logistics Index

reports | Dec, 2020

eCommerce shipment volume to grow 4x in next 5 years from more than 2.5 billion shipments in FY2020, creating high demand for logistics and supply chain ...

40% of TikTok’s India market captured by homegrown apps

reports | Dec, 2020

The number of Internet users in India set to grow to 970 million from current 600 million in next 5 years, Shortform market is also estimated to grow by 4x on total time ...

The $500 Mn potential Indian Smartphone Insurance market, But are the ...

reports | Dec, 2020

Indian Smartphone Insurance Market holds potential to reach $500 Mn by FY 25

Online grocery: What brands need to know?

reports | Sep, 2020

Indian grocery traditionally has been a primarily unorganized market, wherein more than 90% of the market is driven by traditional ‘kirana stores. ...

The Rise of US $50 Billion e-Baazar

reports | Aug, 2020

480Mn people in India have access to internet out of which 90Mn are online shoppers

Online Higher Education & Lifelong learning

reports | Aug, 2020

10x Growth Potential- A $5B Opportunity

Indian Mobile Payments: 5x growth by 2025

reports | Aug, 2020

Story of potential 800 million Indian mobile payment consumers

Setting up the $300Mn+ Online furniture Market

reports | Aug, 2020

The Indian furniture market has been growing on account of newer business models and urbanization. Today, it stands at $16 Bn in size, with 15% organized and growing at a...

Retail-Tech – The next start-up opportunity

reports | Jul, 2020

~30-50% of the customers increased their online purchase for the essential categories. This behavior is not just a one-time trend, a significant portion of these online m...

EdTech In India | An Omidyar Network India & RedSeer Report

reports | Jun, 2020

Grade 1–5 EdTech users (currently with a low base of ~5 MN users) are going to leapfrog the offline supplementary adoption, growing at CAGR of 93% over 2019–22 to ~36...

Vietnam eCommerce – Leashing COVID, Unleashing 10X growth

reports | Jun, 2020

Vietnam’s Ecommerce sector to achieve 10X growth to reach US$50bn GMV during 2019-26.

Report on Indonesia eCommerce | Metamorphosis in a post Covid world

reports | May, 2020

Summary : Indonesia's eCommerce ecosystem is fast evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities from Covid-19. We estimate another strong year with 50%+ y-o-y growth ...

How will MENA order online post COVID-19?

reports | Apr, 2020

UAE's internet penetration rose to 99% in 2019, while for KSA it touched 99% in 2019.

Indian Fintech – Still A Cub But Roaring Like A Tiger!

reports | Mar, 2020

Indian Fintech industry is on an exciting trajectory with Indian consumers adopting the various fintech offerings like never before. However, it will be interesting to se...

Indian ‘eHealth’ at a tipping point!

reports | Feb, 2020

Indian 'eHealth' sector is at a tipping point, and is projected to grow by ~13x, to become a $16 Bn opportunity by FY 25

Home delivery of Food-tainment

reports | Feb, 2020

UAE's internet penetration rose to 99% in 2019, while for KSA it touched 99% in 2019.

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

reports | Nov, 2019

The Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25

Decoding key trends in logistics

reports | Nov, 2019

The Indian consumer internet market comprising of products and services is likely to treble to USD 200 Bn by CY22

Retail Technology – The Next Frontier

reports | Oct, 2019

Middle East is a cluster of regions: GCC, Levant and North Africa. This region is bound by a common language but is different demographically and economically...

Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn Opportunity Today

reports | Aug, 2019

India's internet adoption reached 530 Mn at a run rate of 65 Mn users per year in the last 2 years - ~8x of 8 Mn users added per year from 2000 to 2009...

How Consumers in MENA are planning their CPG shopping this Ramadan

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

Change is Here to Stay

reports | May, 2019

Indian mid-market hotel industry is expected to grow at 10% to reach USD 4.4Bn by 2019

The cost of being unhealthy RedSeer perspective on productivity loss d...

reports | May, 2019

Productivity loss due to the health and lifestyle habits of employees cost ~INR 24,000 Cr every year to the IT industry in Bangalore...

How consumers in MENA are planning their Fashion shopping this Ramadan...

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

How consumers in MENA are planning their Electronics shopping this Ram...

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

Evolving Landscape for the $3Bn Digital Ad Industry

reports | Mar, 2019

Digital advertising is likely to be a ~$7 Bn opportunity By 2021

B2B Digital Services Landscape in India Impact on MSMEs

reports | Mar, 2019

B2B digital services in India are a market of USD 5.6 Bn and is set to grow by ~39% in the next 5 years

Smart clicks to win India’s online groceries & general merchand...

reports | Mar, 2019

E-tailing market in India is expected to reach ~USD 100 Bn by 2023 from USD 24 Bn in 2018

LEVELUP | Online Gaming in 2022: A USD 5 billion opportunity and 4X of...

reports | Feb, 2019

USD 450-500 Mn Mobile App based Gaming industry is expected to grow at 40-45% CAGR to reach USD 1.8-2 Bn

Indonesia Fintech Report

reports | Feb, 2019

Buy Full Report Indonesia FinTech- USD 50+ Bn up for grabs by CY23 In tandem with the growth of the e-tailing and other consumer internet sectors, RedSeer research shows ...

Impact of changes in Government FDI Regulation on India’s E-tail...

reports | Feb, 2019

Buy Report E-com FDI Policy Changes – A squeeze on market leaders and attempt to level playing field for small retailers Published on: Feb 2019   Over the past 5 y...

Overview of Mattress Market in India

reports | Dec, 2018

The mattress market in India is around USD 1.7 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach USD 2.5 Bn by 2022

Stepping Into India’s Footprint

reports | Dec, 2018

Footwear has emerged as a distinct category with significant presence of retail as well as distribution brands

Disruption in Indian Furniture Retailing

reports | Oct, 2018

Furniture and furnishings retail in India has grown urbanization, increasing access to branded furniture steadily to become a USD 28 Bn...

‘Amazon effect’ in India and learnings for Indonesia

reports | Oct, 2018

‘Amazon effect’ in India and learnings for Indonesia   Amazon’s impending launch in Indonesia could lead to meaningful changes in the country’s ecomm...

Kitchen Appliances Market

reports | Oct, 2018

The kitchen appliances market in India is estimated to be at INR 21,500 Crores in 2018

Indian Habit of Being Healthy

reports | Sep, 2018

A USD 100 billion opportunity by 2022 in Preventive Healthcare Market

LED Lighting Systems – The New Normal for Lighting in Middle Eas...

reports | Aug, 2018

INTRODUCTION   – Evolution of Lighting Systems The global lighting industry has seen a huge evolution right from incandescent to the light emitting diodes (LED...

Middle East Facility Management Market – Going Smart to Sustain ...

reports | Aug, 2018

INTRODUCTION   – Evolution of FM Service Facility Management (FM) has been one of the prominent sector longing for complete recognition over a long period of t...

Ecommerce industry in India

reports | May, 2018

With an online population of 500 mn in 2017, India has one of the fastest growing Internet population in the world. We believe a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13%...

E-tailing in India: RedSeer Perspective

reports | May, 2018

The Indian e-tailing industry has seen good momentum from 2014. Though there was a slump in 2016 with the growth being just 12%, the industry recovered well in 2017. The ...

Medical Products Market in India

reports | May, 2018

  India is witnessing a rapid growth across all segments and categories of medical products. What are the contributors to this? How will it impact the future growth?...

KSA BUDGET – Fostering Diversification From Oil Dependency

reports | Jan, 2018

INTRODUCTION   An aggressive budget by Saudi Arabia to lessen dependency on oil The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on a spending spree to decrease their dependence on oi...

Changing Retail Landscape: Volume-2

reports | Aug, 2017

Market dynamics is clearly against the pureplay online players as they would be ending up, opening offline stores

E-tailing in India – Q1CY’17 performance review

reports | May, 2017

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Indian E Tailing Market (Flipkart Gmv, Amazon Gmv) for Q1 Calendar Year 2017 covering it from business...

State of e-tailing in India-17

reports | Apr, 2017

Industry continued its flattish growth trajectory in Q1-CY17 as well, with just 5% y-o-y growth

Indian Mobile Wallets Market

reports | Apr, 2017

Mobile wallet transaction volume has continued to expand significantly as user base continues to expand

Online Food Delivery maintains momentum in Q1’17

reports | Apr, 2017

Overall partner satisfaction witnessed a jump of 900 bps driven by business growth prospect

Fashion e-tailing in India Q1-CY17

reports | Apr, 2017

Fashion vertical continues to contribute ~20% of the overall e-tailing market driven by end of season sales for major players in Q1’17​...

State of E-logistics in India-17

reports | Apr, 2017

After two successive quarters of growth, the Indian E-logistics market experienced a slowdown in Q1-CY17

State of the Online Cabs Market

reports | Apr, 2017

This report broadly covers the trends in Online Taxi Market in Q1 2017.

Fashion e-tailing – 2016 year end performance review

reports | Feb, 2017

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Indian Fashion E Tailing Business Models for the year 2016 covering it from business metrics, consum...

State of E-logistics in India

reports | Dec, 2016

E-logistics industry grew moderately to ~650 Mn shipments in 2016

Mobile Wallets Market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Indian regulation is enabling the cashless push through regulatory support

Analyst Food Report

reports | Dec, 2016

Online food delivery is expected to grow by 150% to reach USD 750 million in 2017

Fashion e-tailing in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Fashion is currently one of the biggest categories with a 22% share to the overall GM​

State of e-tailing in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Indian e-tailing GMV Performance grew to USD 14.5 Bn in 2016.

E-FMCG Market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Online FMCG in India is very nascent- pointing to a vast growth potential

Review of online cab market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

The online cab industry grew over 3.5 times in Key Dimension terms of total completed rides in 2016

Health Food Drinks On A Road To Transition

reports | Jan, 2016

HFD in India was a USD 860 Million market in 2017

Home Automation in India – Deep dive into the future trends of the m...

reports | Dec, 2013

The home automation market in India is expected to reach INR 8800 crore by 2017

Burgeoning of Pre-Primary Schools in India

reports | Dec, 2012

This document covers the market potential opportunity of playschools in India along with highlighting the performance of the key players in the market. It then goes on to...

Key trends in Indian Imaging Equipment market

reports | Dec, 2012

Indian Imaging equipment market is growing at 14% CAGR

Traffic Safety Market

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian Traffic Safety Market is Pegged at USD 99 Million

Personal Protective Equipment

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian PPE market is estimated to be at INR 7800 million

Advanced Wound Care Market (AWC) In India

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian healthcare sector is expected to create an additional opportunity of ~ USD 40 billion in next 4 years

India Battery Market Overview

reports | Dec, 2008

DOWNLOAD HERE Anil Kumar CEO   Ujjwal Chaudhry associate director   AGENDA There is an increasing demand of energy in India The INR 224 billion Indian battery market is...