With a projected market share of 40% by 2025, preventive healthcare care in India is quickly catching up to curative care. Growing at a CAGR of 22% in contrast to the 15% of the curative health care market, preventive care is expected to reach $197 Bn. 

Although it took up a majority of the funding between 2020 and 2021, curative healthcare in the country is constrained by sub-par infrastructure and lower quality of care. The slack resulting from traditional healthcare’s dysfunctionality can be picked up by preventive care to generate much better patient outcomes. This opens up tremendous opportunities for startups in preventative health care to cater to the ever-growing health-conscious consumers. 

The report delves into existing trends in the industry and the intricacies of how the Health Conscious Individuals (HCI) are shaping the business landscape for healthcare providers. Explore how startups can ideally place themselves to take advantage of emerging trends in technology and cash in on the opportunity. Download the full report.