This recent study conducted by Redseer Strategy Consultants and Udaan takes a deep dive into the eB2B market and offers key insights and a strategic approach aimed at unlocking unparalleled growth opportunities for businesses operating in the segment. The comprehensive analysis and in-depth market research reveals that Udaan, India’s largest eB2B player, has emerged as a leader in customer service excellence following a phase of market consolidation and is standing out in a more concentrated and competitive market through their unique strategic approach.  

Redseer’s findings emphasize that the past two years have marked a substantial shift towards resilient and profitable growth in eB2B firms. Companies, including Udaan, are now adopting scalable and sustainable playbooks, prioritizing consistent delivery of customer value proposition (CVP) and boosting operational density to achieve profitable growth.

Their new approach has directly influenced delivery speed, credit accessibility, and pricing. Additionally, the strategy’s impact on assortment and product availability, with widespread improvements, is notably attributed to the pivotal role played by Market Managers who actively collect crucial ground-level feedback from buyers, ensuring the right ‘localization’ required for Kirana and small retailers. Looking ahead, the implementation of this strategic playbook has the potential to triple buyer penetration from the current 12-15% to 35-45% by CY2030 as the study further explains.

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