Indonesia’s Agritech: Today and Tomorrow

What was the most unexpected yet positive event in Southeast Asia in 2023?  It’s a no-brainer for those keeping an eye on this region. A lesser-known firm from a typically overlooked industry in Indonesia – an Agritech company1 – hit unicorn status and was gearing to fund its growth. Remember, this happened while most companies were […]

Curbing Farm Productivity Woes

Last November, a farmer’s unfortunate story captured headlines and created a buzz on social media. A rural man who had travelled 415 kilometers to Bengaluru was forced to sell two quintals of onions for a profit of INR 8.36 after a sudden price crash. The agriculture sector in India is characterized by inefficiencies at every […]

Agritech SEA – Growth From the Roots

SEA’s economy has a high dependency on agriculture (~17% contribution by GDP) and is strongly in need of modernization. In the wake, several innovative business models have come up in the region, and we go into detail to discuss a few. Here’s a broader look at the SEA market and how agri-tech players are growing. […]

India’s AgriTech Landscape – A Perspective Report

The importance of agriculture in the Indian economy cannot be over-emphasised. An estimated 58% of India’s population depends on agriculture as the primary livelihood source. Furthermore, agriculture contributes 17% to the national GDP, supporting the sector’s continued resilience. Indian agriculture is also 6.4% of the world’s total economic production.  To meet the growing demand for […]