The report State of D2C in India: A Logistics Update talks about the evolving dynamics of the d2C landscape with a particular focus on how brands navigate the complexities of logistics. Third-party logistics enablers emerge as indispensable partners in facilitating the growth journey of D2C brands, offering cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.  

As D2C brands continue to expand, they encounter heightened operational complexities with logistics standing out as a significant challenge. Logistics not only represents a substantial cost component for the brands but also directly influences the customer experience. Establishing efficient logistics operations while keeping costs low is therefore a crucial objective for brands. The report highlights how 3PLs are meeting the rising demands of D2C brands, supporting their expansion both online and offline, and paving the way for sustainable, scalable growth in this fast-paced market.

Join us as we explore how D2C brands leverage logistics partnerships to enhance their operational efficiency and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.