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RedSeer helps its Mobility clients stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market by enabling them to take sharper data-driven decisions. RedSeer supports strategy and leadership teams by providing actionable insights through extensive use of technology, research, and our expert network.

Our Offerings

RedSeer helps its Mobility clients take sharper data-driven decisions through services like

  1. Market Diagnostics.
  2. Competitive Intelligence.
  3. Customer and Partner Experience.
  4. Pricing Analysis.
  5. Competitor Benchmarking.

Impact Delivered





$1 Bn+

growth delivered across new and traditional space


business consulting services

State of the Online Cabs Market

reports | Apr, 2017

This report broadly covers the trends in Online Taxi Market in Q1 2017.

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India’s Used Car Market Is Unstoppable With Its Steady And Tech-Driv...

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Riding the digital wave, the used car market is a all set to grow at a healthy CAGR of 11%, boasting of sales upto ~8.3 million units, by FY26

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Online Mobility-Riding The Wave of Democratization

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Sectors other than 4W and 3W P2P taxis are contributing 20% share of 4Mn daily trips in Indian online mobility

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Online Mobility Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

  1. Core value prop of bike rentals is ‘flexibility’- with many bike rental users also being vehicle owners Published on: Oct 2019 The flexibility of route is a key-value...