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Our Unique Approach

RedSeer follows an integrated research approach (IRA) which essentially deploys multiple grounds up research approached. It enables the triangulation of data at multiple levels and helps in creating flexible modeling of the data. Our research is new age and tech-intensive. Some of the approaches which we use are following:

1. Mystery Shopping: Through well-refined algorithms, we order and track the millions of transactions in digital space. It could vary from measuring the quality of supply chain to cab availability and so on. The vast amount of data helps in creating robust models which in turn helps work on the client hypothesis.

2. Big Data Analytics: We track more than 100,000 transactions done by customers across various digital platforms on monthly basis. This involves pricing of products by various websites to customer buying behaviour.

3. Expert Discussions: At RedSeer, we understand the importance of opinion of industry leaders. Hence, we collaborate with more than 1000+ impaneled experts to gain an in-depth understanding of the various industry verticals.

4. Crowd-sourcing: We get transaction details of more than 50,000 users sourced very quarter which helps us in understanding the digital transactions.

5. Partner Landscape: We have one of the largest impaneled databases of the online service and product merchants. With frequent and detailed reach out to these, we collect the supplier perspective on digital platforms.

6. Customer Scan: With more than million customer reachout around the digital space transaction we gather rich analysis around customer buying behaviour. These are carefully selected to represent the evolving customer demography in the Indian market.

7. Desk Research: We have access to a large number of third-party databases on the digital and online market. These help in developing an outside-in approach for our own findings.

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New age proprietary research methodologies, vertically integrated teams, and multichannel holistic views.

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An iterative approach to analyze scenarios and hypothesis, keeping clients in the loop on the evolving results and findings.

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Deliver actionable recommendations based on original data and deep industry expertise and a team of world-class consultants.

New Age Focus

Internet and wider technology-based organisations are solving enterprise and customer problems in newer ways. The evolution of a global funding ecosystem has further boosted the rise of the technology industry significantly Our work lies at the core of this ecosystem, helping organisations disrupt the market.

Industries we focus on are:

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Internet Companies

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Leadership Journey Corporates

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PE/VC Funds

Proven Results

Results are the best proof of performance. We have repeatedly delivered impeccable results for our clients

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Clients Believe in us:

We have more than 85% repeat business rate

Seamless Team

Ensuring a world-class team at every stage of engagement is the most important input to make the engagement successful. We have a unique approach of bringing researchers, consultants, and experts on an engagement. This enables us to blend insights generated by the in-house research/consulting teams along with the industry knowledge of external experts- a model that has proven to be highly successful in serving the varied needs of our clients, and which forms the backbone of our research to recommendation™ approach. Our typical engagement model looks as below:

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