SEA: Bytes On Digital Diet

Students are the key consumer cohort with the highest digital activity followed by salaried employees and self-employed professionals

Education & Technology | What lies ahead?

A paltry of 15-20% of the schools had working computers, before the pandemic. As the above chart shows, majority of the schools in India are Government-run which caters to most number of students across the country, but merely around 250K of these schools had computers in working condition, while the private schools comparatively fared better.

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning – 10x growth potential – a ~$5Bn opportunity

The gross enrolment ratio (GER) for higher education is a measure of the number of schoolchildren who go on to become undergraduates (UG), postgraduates (PG), or diploma holders. India currently has a GER of 26% for tertiary or college-going students, far behind USA (~86%), Russia (~82%), and China (50%). The NEP 2020 stated its ambition to achieve GER of 50% by 2035.

Indian EdTech industry analysis: Online education sector to create $ 1.7 BN market by 2022

The 2019 National Education Policy (NEP) which seeks to address these challenges and extend the scope of RTE to students aged 3–18 years, recommended harnessing EdTech through app-based learning, online student communities, and lesson delivery beyond ‘chalk and talk’. Serving as a crucial link between enrolment and enhanced learning outcomes, online education offerings across grades […]

EdTech – COVID Tailwinds – The Time is Now

EdTech companies too have been agile in responding to the crisis by making their offerings free – resulting in almost 2x rise in EdTech users within a couple of months to make the user base to 90Mn in April’ 20

Ed-tech Market Updates

  1. The upcoming vernacular revolution in edtech Published on: May 2019 The first wave of edtech companies saw players focusing on high-quality content and live streaming, most often catering to Metro/Tier 1 users and in English as the major medium of instruction. However, our research on learners across market segments (K12, test prep, professional […]