Capitalizing on the Rapidly Growing Indian Study Abroad Market 

The Indian Study Abroad market has witnessed a noticeable resurgence and understanding the pulse of market trends is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. The recent study conducted by Redseer, spearheaded by Kushal Bhatnagar (Partner), sheds light on the rapidly growing Indian Study Abroad market. The study goes beyond exploring the nuanced needs and aspirations […]

Unlocking the keys to becoming a successful consultant in India: Three insider secrets! 

Redseer Strategy Consulting is a team of business, strategy and technology consultants who help clients envision and build their future in the digital world. As we work with visionaries across multiple industries across the globe, we understand the efforts and skills required of a consultant to be successful.   To help candidates pursue a successful career, […]

How Consultants Can Benefit From ChatGPT? 

Do you want to know what ChatGPT can do for you? Well, here’s a question to think about:  “Are there any repetitive tasks you’re doing that could be done by AI so you can focus on more important things in your work?”  As a consultant, here are three things you can use ChatGPT for:  Improving […]

8 Tips to Master Time Management

As a management consultant, you are constantly juggling multiple projects, deadlines, and clients. Effective time management is crucial to your success, as it helps you prioritize your work, stay focused, and deliver high-quality results on time. In this article, we’ll explore some practical time management tips and tricks that can help you stay on top […]

Indian EdTech industry analysis: Online education sector to create $ 1.7 BN market by 2022

The 2019 National Education Policy (NEP) which seeks to address these challenges and extend the scope of RTE to students aged 3–18 years, recommended harnessing EdTech through app-based learning, online student communities, and lesson delivery beyond ‘chalk and talk’. Serving as a crucial link between enrolment and enhanced learning outcomes, online education offerings across grades […]

EdTech – COVID Tailwinds – The Time is Now

EdTech companies too have been agile in responding to the crisis by making their offerings free – resulting in almost 2x rise in EdTech users within a couple of months to make the user base to 90Mn in April’ 20