From Field to Fantasy: Inside IPL 2024’s Fantasy Sports Surge

IPL 2024 Fantasy Sports | Redseer Strategy Consulting

In the energetic world of Indian sports, where cricket reigns supreme, IPL has always been more than just a tournament—it’s a festival that grips the nation. And as the cricket fever spreads, another game unfolds on millions of screens and devices: fantasy sports. This year, IPL 2024 has once again shown the immense potential of […]

Fantasy Sport Gaming in India: A Look at the Impact of IPL on Gaming Trends

The Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked off with yet another thrilling season last month and let us tell you its impact is being felt far beyond the boundary ropes. As the current IPL season unfolds, it’s proving to be a batting powerhouse, with cricketers smashing records and thrilling fans worldwide. But beyond the exhilarating matches […]

As Core Gaming scores points in India, will investors join the quest?

FY23 alone saw more casual gamers graduating to core gaming, signalling a major structural shift in India’s gaming ecosystem. As more and more Monthly Average Users (MAUs) willingly participate in the requisite payments to level up, the time is ripe to explore ways in which this growing cohort can be best engaged and monetized.   In […]

Fantasy Cricket Fever Takes Over IPL 2023 with Record Revenue      

Millions of fans follow IPL, the most awaited sporting event in the country. While the quality time spent in the evenings with friends and family watching their favorite teams play keeps most engaged, others are glued to their screens for a chance to add to the excitement and win big. To the average enthusiast, fantasy […]

IPL 2023 Set to Draw Record Growth for Fantasy Games 

The Indian Premiere League has a massive following which has grown every year since its inception in 2008. While it was mostly television entertainment for the majority of the audience, newer avenues of engagement since the proliferation of the internet, such as OTT platforms and fantasy leagues, are driving the growth in the IPL economy. […]

IPL Economy 2023

India is a cricket-crazy country celebrating or sobbing together with unmatched passion as their team scores or sinks. IPL 2023 is constantly keeping the nation on its toes, with 10 teams competing for the coveted trophy. The cash-rich league has nearly all top global players playing this season.   While the live game in the stadiums […]

Rise of India’s Hardcore Gamers

Gaming has steadily grown in popularity ever since owning smartphones became the norm for the masses. In recent years India’s gaming market witnessed a surge in growth catalyzed by the pandemic and the advent of live-streaming platforms. A category of ‘hardcore’ gamers has emerged since, who spend a significant time gaming and streaming their gameplay […]