Astro-Tech: Navigating Cosmic Trends in the Digital Era

IPO Consultant India | Redseer Strategy Consulting

Are you an urban working professional looking to know about the future of your career, a retired senior citizen wanting to match kundlis for your children, or a homemaker looking for near-future predictions for the health and wellness of your family? – Do you fall into any of these three categories? Well, if the answer […]

Breaking barriers: Rise of challenger platforms in digital advertising landscape 

The advertising market in India is likely to observe a muted year for advertising spend with a ~6% growth. Total advertising spend is poised to reach US$16-17 Bn in FY24, heavily impacted by the slowdown in consumption observed in the last 5-6 quarters. Digital Advertising which accounted for 55-56% of total advertising spend in FY24 […]

Decoding the Digital Advertising Playing Field in FY24 

Redseer’s latest report ‘Breaking barriers: Rise of challenger platforms in the digital advertising landscape‘ reveals that FY2024 is likely to be a muted year for advertising spend with a ~6% growth. Total advertising spend is poised to reach US$16-17 Bn in FY24, heavily impacted by the slowdown in consumption observed in the last 5-6 quarters. […]

Making waves the Audio Series way

The Digital Media & Entertainment (M&E) landscape has exhibited significant growth potential over the years. It comprises three vibrant and competitive pillars: Social Media, Video Streaming, and Audio Streaming. Although social media is the fastest growing pillar of Digital M&E globally, the growing popularity of the Audio Series format and non-music entertainment within Audio Streaming […]

Ear-It-All: The booming world of audio series

Redseer's Audio Series report

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector stands as a cornerstone of online content consumption, serving billions of internet users worldwide. Acting as a gateway to the digital economy, M&E has seen significant evolution over the years. While social media and Video Streaming have reached maturity, Audio Streaming, particularly Audio Series, emerges as a promising frontier […]

The decathlon to Bharat’s Short-Form Video-loving audiences

A relatively new phenomenon is taking Bharat content consumers by storm, absorbing over an hour of their time on a daily basis. Original, premier and linguistically diverse content guided by cutting-edge NLP/ML algorithms finds its way to this incredibly diverse demographic and elicits higher rates of engagement. India’s very own Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms are […]

As Core Gaming scores points in India, will investors join the quest?

FY23 alone saw more casual gamers graduating to core gaming, signalling a major structural shift in India’s gaming ecosystem. As more and more Monthly Average Users (MAUs) willingly participate in the requisite payments to level up, the time is ripe to explore ways in which this growing cohort can be best engaged and monetized.   In […]

Indian SFV Platforms: High on Demand from all Quarters

Through its brief yet eventful run, TikTok surprised the nation with its unprecedented success as a social media platform in a) democratizing the content creation process to Tier-2+ cities, b) breaking down language barriers, c) making the best use of India’s digitization movement. It was only natural for the sudden ban of this highly engaging and […]

Demystifying India’s SFV platforms 

The rise of Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms in India, driven by a user base of over 250 million, with a significant majority from Tier-2 cities and beyond, is reshaping the advertising landscape. Original, relatable, and non-inflammatory content has led to high user engagement, reflected in a Net Promoter Score of approximately 55%. Razor-sharp content recommendations […]

Digital Disruption: UAE is shaping the future of business

UAE has transformed into a powerful economic force. Today, while accounting for ~15% of GDP, and >15% of tourist inflow to the region. Its strategic location and strong infrastructure have made it a global trade hub over the years. More recently, the pro-business policies of the government have turned the spotlight on investors into the […]

Influence Marketplace – A silver bullet for influencer marketing success     

Internet and Smartphone use in India has witnessed a phenomenal proliferation in the last few years to reach 780 Mn users nationwide. Consuming and creating content has always been challenging for the masses opening up new marketing avenues for brands and internet platforms. In the wake of all the User Generated Content – UGC, a […]

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabled restaurants to increase overall top line by 30% via a large consumer base and strong brand impact With improved kitchen utilization, online partnerships have also enabled restaurants to improve their bottom-line […]