KSA food aggregators to deliver a million smiles

The food service sector in Saudi Arabia is currently a massive SAR 100 Bn market that has displayed resilience and rebounded swiftly. The market witnessed a COVID-led decline because of reduced mobility/ operational hours and restaurant closures. During this time, an emerging trend of in-home consumption emerged which created a unique opportunity for food delivery […]

Winning Recipe for Food Brands in India

The Indian food services market is projected to exceed $100 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10–12%. This growth, driven by evolving consumer behavior, is expected to double the market from $30 billion to $60 billion. To capitalize on the heterogeneous nature of the market, brands are urged to embrace diverse cuisines. The […]

Winning Recipe for Food Brands in India

The Indian food services market is witnessing a transformative trend in the outside food eating habits of the consumers especially in metro and tier 1 cities. Leading this paradigm shift is the House of Brands (HoBs) model, poised to revolutionize brand scalability and revenue generation. Redseer’s latest report, “Winning Recipe for Food Brands in India,” […]

A New Year’s Eve Recipe for Food Delivery Peak Days

Food Delivery

Every year, there are several occasions such as Diwali, IPL, World Cup etc. where online food delivery is integral to the celebrations. These days are mission-critical for online food delivery platforms and brands alike. While the demand spikes are significant, platforms and brands also gain new users.   This is especially relevant for chain restaurants and […]

Massive USD 31 Bn Food Services Market in KSA to get an L&E uplift

The Food Services Landscape in KSA is witnessing significant growth powered by a thriving food delivery segment. This comes at a time when the kingdom is investing significantly into leisure and entertainment infrastructure to attract tourism, both international and domestic.   The intersection of food services and L&E offers attractive opportunities for brands catering to these […]

What does eCommerce Consumer Confidence look like post festive season 2023? 

Both online and offline retail in India started gaining momentum from Q1FY24 with offline retail growing faster than ecommerce in Q2FY24. As per seasonal trends and captured in our ECCI of 131 for Jul’23 this led to a strong festive season of Oct-Nov ‘23.  Not surprisingly in the post-festive period, the sentiment for future 4-months […]

How Indonesia Eats at Food Services: Part – 2

In the first part of our series, we explored the rising prominence of local cuisines within Indonesia’s Food Services sector. Now, in Part-2, we delve into the growth prospects for both online and offline channels, and how both new entrants and established players can capitalize on these trends. 01. Despite being considered as the champions […]

How Indonesia Eats at Food Services: Part -1

Indonesia’s Food Services sector is a relatively small part of the overall F&B pie. The share of Food Services is below the levels in China and the US, in both percentage and absolute terms. This low base provides meaningful headroom for growth, with an estimated 8% CAGR over 2022-27E. Sustained economic growth, rising affordability levels, […]

Charting the Course: Jahez CFO Heni Jallouli Unravels the Dynamics of Saudi Arabia’s Food Delivery Landscape

In the bustling landscape of the Middle East’s food delivery market, one name stands out for its remarkable strides and unwavering commitment to convenience, taste, and technological innovation – Jahez. As a leading local digital champion, Jahez has become synonymous with hassle-free culinary experiences, redefining how people savor their favorite dishes in the region. Founded […]

Flavorful fortunes – Eating is a serious business in India

At the heart of educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitals, and various other institutions across the country are managed cafeterias. The demand for managed cafeterias in India is witnessing remarkable growth, as the market has started to formalize over the last few years. As working professionals, students, and employees seek convenient and nutritious meal options, these […]

Food Delivery: A Taste of Saudi Arabia’s Thriving Market

1. Food aggregators have already generated value for the broader ecosystem Currently, food aggregator market accounts for ~16% of the total food service market and has created roughly 150,000 jobs, equivalent to 1% of the total workforce in KSA. Furthermore, recent relaxation in labor regulations has made it easier to acquire delivery riders. Given the […]

IPL x Food delivery: Not a metro phenomena anymore 

Food and beverages have always been central to sports entertainment, be it at-home or stadium viewing experience. During the growth phase of the online food delivery (OFD) business from 2017 to 2020, OFD players experienced heightened sales on IPL game days. Orders often flew off the restaurant shelves during the matches as friends and families […]

What’s The Next Domino’s for Indians?

In our previous food services newsletter, we had focused on the organised food services market and different brands that were likely to emerge. This takes us to the next set of relevant questions around the evolution of the market landscape. For instance, how big can the existing brands get? Is it a winner-takes-all market? Which […]