Study reveals udaan winning on customer service excellence, after market consolidation

This recent study conducted by Redseer Strategy Consultants and Udaan takes a deep dive into the eB2B market and offers key insights and a strategic approach aimed at unlocking unparalleled growth opportunities for businesses operating in the segment. The comprehensive analysis and in-depth market research reveals that Udaan, India’s largest eB2B player, has emerged as […]

$90 billion+ opportunity in Multicategory eB2B 

General trade currently drives >90% of the ~USD 950 Bn Indian Retail market and it is largely fragmented in nature. The challenges of slow delivery service, inconsistent product quality, pricing opacity, lack of credit, and even frequent stockouts continue to affect procurement through traditional channels, rendering the process both expensive and cumbersome. The influx of […]

Digital Economy in Motion

In this article, we look back at what was a landmark year for MENA. Sectors across the digital economy saw rapid adoption and enhanced levels of consumer maturity which helped unravel the potential that the digital economy in the region holds. Here we call out some of the key highlights from 2022. 1. MENA is […]

eB2B: Real Winners To Emerge Now

Pandemic driven eCommerce boom led to emergence of eB2B players, who were quick to pick on the shift in consumer purchase and attract investors, helping scale eB2B market to ~$1.2 Bn in MENAP. eB2B sector is witnessing consolidation as players look to balance focus on scale, profitability and enhance capabilities. It is important that players […]

Indonesia Manufacturing: Opportunities Galore For Digital-first Players – Part 2

Manufacturing contributes the highest to national GDP of Indonesia and has given employment to ~18 million people. Despite these numbers the industry has been stagnant in terms of cost to productivity due to the traditional practices followed.  Indonesia is en route to enter Industry 4.0 as the manufacturing sector is ripe for technological disruption and […]

Demystifying Kirana eCommerce in India

India’s fragmented retail market of over 13 million General Trade (GT) stores or the local kirana stores will continue to drive retail for the next decade. The eB2B market stood at $5 Bn in 2021 and could touch $100 billion GMV by 2030. Although India’s general trade is vast, it is plagued by several challenges, […]

Realising Potential Through Consolidation

The digital economy went through a disruption and high growth phase over the last few years, aided by the pandemic. While most sectors are still in nascency in terms of online penetration, a few sectors, like FoodTech, are more evolved in the region, with penetration levels higher than most other global benchmarks. And in such […]

What the 2025 runway looks like for UAE Fashion

1. UAE Fashion E-tail market poised to near 20% penetration by 2025 on the back of soaring purchase frequency rates An instrumental change to the UAE fashion scene in the coming years is that increase in frequency and average order value which will drive higher wallet share for online channel, will drive a lot more […]

eB2B: A $100 Bn Opportunity and The Face of Future Retail

Undoubtedly, India’s eCommerce landscape is one of the fastest growing in the world. But within this sector, there is a more nascent, unexplored segment of the online marketplace that carries huge profitability potential: we’re talking about the eB2B space. Lets take a deep dive into India’s eB2B segment and the potential that lies ahead. 1. […]

SEA Travel And Hospitality – Time For Takeoff – Part 2

1. SEA is noticing increased interest in travel from local tourists There has been a major increase in tourism interest starting in early 2022 across Southeast Asia with most countries noticing increase in search interest for travel and hospitality. Exceptions to this case are Vietnam and Thailand where the interest is delayed to mid-late 2022 […]

What’s The Next Domino’s for Indians?

In our previous food services newsletter, we had focused on the organised food services market and different brands that were likely to emerge. This takes us to the next set of relevant questions around the evolution of the market landscape. For instance, how big can the existing brands get? Is it a winner-takes-all market? Which […]

Indonesia eB2B – Reviving the “Warungs” in a Post COVID World | Part 1

“Warungs” are local mom and pop stores. ~70% of the sales of warungs come from FMCG category (without fresh). Within FMCG, cigarettes account for >50% of the sales. Generally, warung sales are driven by low ATV impulse purchases of “on the go” items like RTD beverages, instant snacks and cigarettes.

User perspective on eB2B platforms

eB2B platforms have driven high awareness in their target segments, with high willingness to use the platforms as well Published on: Dec 2019 eB2B players have driven significantly strong awareness for their offerings, via both organic and inorganic approaches. And this has led to a high share of ‘willing to use’ users as well, which […]

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

Driven by a consistent expected increase in private consumption, the Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25 Published on: Nov 2019 Despite the current economic slowdown and our expected normalized real GDP forecast of 6 to 7%, we expect the private consumption expenditure to […]

Indonesia B2B Trucking: At crossroads?

Indonesia B2B trucking is ~$32 Bn in size currently and drives the majority of B2B transport market in the country Published On: Sep 2019 Supply of trucks is significantly fragmented with low utilization rates Fragmented B2B trucking market provides a clear opportunity for tech-driven aggregators Low utilization rates- with up to 80% empty backhauls- solvable […]

Massive Opportunity In Digitizing B2B Procurement In Indonesia

Indo B2B eCom- USD 1.5 Bn space with multiple consumer segments and business models Published on: Aug 2019 B2B E-commerce market is dominated by reseller target group – this is the easiest segment to operate in owing to the nature of goods. Resellers at multiple levels of the value chain buy products – for e.g. […]

Enterprise Tech Updates

USD 9+ Bn 2023 digital wholesale pie likely to be captured by full-stack players  Published on: Jun 2019 India’s vast retailer/MSME ecosystem faces multiple challenges in day to day operations- from procuring merchandise in a timely and cost-effective fashion to securing working capital. Digital wholesalers like Udaan and Jumbotail have squarely targeted these retailer needs […]