Switching Gears: Unlocking the Potential of EV Leasing in India 

The moment you spot a sleek and stylish electric vehicle (EV) silently running on Indian roads, thoughts like ~ “Is this the right time to transition to EVs? How high is the maintenance cost?” ~ is quite common. While many think EVs to be fancy stuff for tech enthusiasts or eco-warriors, there is a new […]

Sparking Change: Navigating the Crossroads of India’s EV Revolution 

India’s 2W story has driven the electrification wave in India and continues to show high adoption rates. FY 24 has been a defining year for E2Ws, particularly as the penetration crossed 6.8% in the last quarter, well above the inflection point of 3-5%.  It will be interesting to see how E2W adoption plays out over […]

MENAT Powers Ahead with EVs

We are excited to share with you some remarkable insights into the automotive landscape in the MENAT region. In this article, we focus on the growing preference for electric vehicles (EVs) and the potential for significant market growth in the coming years. 1. Turkey’s consumers are embracing EVs as their car of choice with 40% […]

Indonesia Electric Vehicle: Charging Up Part 3 

Indonesia is fast emerging as a destination for Electric Vehicle (EV) development and deployment. It could be an essential player in the global EV supply chain. The government is playing a supportive role, and the local market conditions are suitable for building solid domestic capabilities. Further, EV batteries present an exciting opportunity to invest in […]

SEA Electric Vehicles – Charging Up Part 2 

The Southeast Asia region’s growing middle class and urbanization are driving demand for sustainable transportation. Government policies such as tax breaks and reduced registration fees are promoting adoption as well. The entry of new Electric Vehicle manufacturers and development of charging infrastructure are offering favorable tailwinds too. These factors present opportunities for investment in EV […]

India’s Roadmap to 80% Electrification of Two-Wheelers by 2030

Electrification of vehicles in India is still at a nascent stage compared to countries such as Norway and China. While the four-wheeler electrification has been slow, the spotlight of the consumer EV revolution in the country is on two-wheelers (2W) at the moment. Ownership cost savings of electric 2W ranging from 20-70% over petrol 2Ws […]

Two-Wheelers Electric Vehicles Outlook in India | Report

It is unsurprising that the world is slowly but steadily encouraging a green planet amid heightened concern over climate change and pollution. Working along the same lines, governments all over the world are pushing the Electric Vehicles industry through subsidies and regulations. Further, consumers demand low-emission commuting instead of fossil fuel-driven vehicles, which endangers our […]

Why Automotive Aftermarket Consumers Are Embracing Digitisation

I had an Aha! moment recently, when my car broke down in the middle of a busy Bengaluru road! Luckily, some good Samaritans came to the rescue and with their help, my driver pushed the car toa safe place. Meanwhile, I called for roadside assistance and then hopped into a cab. But this gotme thinking. […]

Shared Mobility in the Post-Pandemic World

Owing to the inadequacy of the public transport infrastructure, and the demand-supply gap, the shared mobility seems to be on a great ride of its own, poised to experience 5X growth in a few years.

Vietnam eLogistics: Dissecting Demand Drivers

1. Vietnam SMEs are still early into their online retail journey;  social commerce is their typical starting point Published on: Oct 2019 A significant share of SMEs started selling online very recently, with HCMC SMEs are slightly more mature in their online journey Most SMEs make their online foray via social commerce, however formal marketplaces […]

Cab Aggregation Insights | Middle-East

1. Cab: After a first wave of rapid growth, MENA’s cab hailing market is ready for the next wave of expansion into smaller cities and realize its huge potential Published on: Sep 2018 MENA region’s online cabs market has grown rapidly to reach similar scale as its better funded regional peers in India and SE Asia in […]