Indonesia’s Journey to Better Health and Wellness – Part 2

This is part two of our series on Indonesia’s healthcare. We’re exploring future technological breakthroughs in healthcare. Indonesia is just starting to use tech in healthcare. Early efforts, such as Telemedicine and Online Booking, have already made healthcare more efficient and convenient. Upcoming advancements, especially in genomics, could bring over $100 billion in economic gains. […]

Indonesia’s Journey to Better Health and Wellness – Part 1

Indonesia’s healthcare infrastructure lags its counterparts and falls short of WHO benchmarks, signaling a clear need for enhancement. With prevailing health system challenges and a demographic set to age by 2030, the time for Indonesia to act is now. This newsletter zeroes in on healthcare expenditure, private sector contributions, and the evolving trends in the […]

Beauty Unveiled: Decoding the Success of Pure-Play Beauty Companies

Cover image of Redseer's BPC report

The Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) industry stands as a captivating global sector, marked by its remarkable growth and profitability. Over the past decade, the BPC landscape has witnessed profound shifts in consumer behaviour, with a surge in trend adoption and evolving expectations from products. This transformation, amplified by the influence of social media and […]

Transition Care Centres – Transforming Recovery Profitably 

Transition care centres are a relatively new entrant in the physical rehab space India. The facilities bridge the gap between tertiary care hospitals and the home of patients to help ease their transition and recovery. Restorative care is a ~ $5 Bn industry which is currently driven by hospitals that are not designed for recovery. Rehab […]

Genomics – Leapfrogging into the Indonesian Healthcare Future

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with a population of approximately 274 million people. The healthcare landscape in Indonesia is complex and challenging, with a range of issues such as inadequate healthcare infrastructure, a shortage of healthcare professionals, and limited access to healthcare services in rural areas. Here we look at […]

Decoding India’s Rehab Tech

Rehabilitation is a concept widely discussed and adopted globally. This is by no means unexpected since over 15% of the world population live with a form of disability, and around 2.41 billion life with conditions that impact their functions in daily life and would benefit from rehabilitation services. Many of these needs call for rehabilitation […]

Rehab Tech: Improving Quality of Life

India’s healthcare sector is tremendously diverse, with potential in every segment, including providers, payers, and medical technology. As one of the leading medical destinations in the post-pandemic times, India has emphasized making the healthcare sector digital and tech friendly. Along the same lines, rehabilitation technology has emerged as one of the promising sectors to ensure […]

Vietnam Healthcare

With robust macro tailwinds for the sector and on ground demand for health-related services, the healthcare sector in Vietnam is poised to undergo significant transformations. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and online services are increasingly being used to tackle deficiencies in the existing healthcare system. Further omni-channel players have gained significant traction on account […]

2 Pills to Make eHealth Profitable

‘Health is wealth’. This age-old saying is no longer a cliche. The pandemic has compelled all of us to prioritise health over other aspects of our lives. I have myself been spending at least an hour a day hitting the gym, meditating or making a healthy diet plan. Kudos to technology for making this routine […]

Indonesia eHealth: Consumer Pulse Series

1. Indonesia healthcare faces severe shortage of resources, with the lowest density of medical practitioners and pharmacists in the region Current capacity of Indonesia’s Healthcare system highlights its inadequacy to deal with the demands of growing population especially post pandemic. It has the lowest density of doctors and pharmacists among ASEAN countries; and given the […]

The Future of Preventive Healthcare in India

Though the demand for preventive healthcare has soared since the pandemic and startups in the space are striving to ride this tailwind, it is still largely an untapped market. The opportunities are huge for businesses. The report delves into the entire landscape and shares pointers on how to cash in on the opportunities by tapping into emerging technologies.

Vietnam Healthcare: New Lifeline in eHealth

Vietnam has very favourable digital enablers and there is a marked shift by the government towards digitizing the entire healthcare ecosystem which seems conducive for the growth of eHealth services.

India eHealth – COVID-19 Impact and Way forward

Drive by 3x growth in user base and likely increase in average spends per user especially in prescription drugs and consultations, we are very bullish that the eHealth market is on track to achieve ~300+% growth y-o-y in 2020.

What’s makes India’s ePharma space so exciting | How will MAUs of digital content platforms grow | Private labels driving online beauty growth story

India’s USD 18 Bn unorganized pharma retailing market is ripe for digital disruption by ePharma players Published on: Aug 2019 Summary takeaways: ePharma (USD 350 Mn in 2018) is <2% of the overall retail pie currently, but poised to expand at least 40% y-o-y, driving significant action from companies and investors ePharma continued action and […]