Festive 2024: Unveiling India’s Grand Consumption Revival

As the much-awaited season of celebrations approaches, there’s a noticeable buzz in the air. E-commerce platforms are gearing up for what promises to be an exciting festive season. Everywhere you look, from billboards to your email inbox, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement. The festive spirit is charged with the promise of new beginnings, […]

Trend Tempo: The Rapid Growth of Fast Fashion in India

Have you ever wondered how fashion enthusiasts and avid shoppers keep up with the rapid-fire trends from runway shows, influencers, and social media? The answer often lies in the world of “fast fashion.” Imagine scrolling through endless feeds of affordable, trendy garments from online retailers or snagging that stylish trench coat at a big-box store’s […]

From Fast to Faster: Exploring India’s Q-Commerce Boom

Picture a typical day in the life of a young entrepreneur in Bangalore. He’s juggling the demands of a start-up, a vibrant social life, and the challenges of living alone in a bustling city. He’s just realized he’s out of groceries, and he has no time to visit the supermarket. Or imagine a working mother […]

Click to Chic:  How E-Commerce is Redefining India’s Fashion Landscape 

E-commerce is shaking up the fashion scene in India, making it more accessible and exciting than ever before. Gone are the days when fashion trends were confined to high-end boutiques in major cities. Now, with just a few clicks, you can explore and purchase from an extensive range of high-end and value brands from the […]

Decoding Omnichannel: Strategies for D2C Brands 

In today’s bustling marketplace, where customers roam across multiple platforms before making a purchase, D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands are uniquely poised to redefine retail landscapes. However, capturing and retaining customer attention in this saturated environment demands a strategic embrace of omnichannel marketing, for D2C brands, which control every aspect of their production, marketing, and sales process, […]

Decoding Omnichannel: Strategies for D2C Brands 

In “Decoding Omnichannel,” the report delves into the intricacies of this retail revolution, drawing insights from trailblazing companies like Caratlane, Lenskart, and Mamaearth. By offering actionable strategies and insights, we aim to empower entrepreneurs and brands to navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence. As India’s retail market hurtles towards a projected $2.2 trillion by 2030, […]

Exploring the Evolution of Luggage Industry in a Post-COVID Era

Have you ever just stopped to watch the conveyor belts in airports come to life? Amidst all that airport madness, one can’t help but stare at the diverse array of other luggage.    But beyond the carousel of colors and shapes, lies the story of an industry teeming with adventure, exploration, and a dash of personal style. Be it sleek suitcases or rugged […]

Demystifying India’s e-Commerce Growth

Are you a frequent online shopper? When was the last time you purchased online? Which are your favorite ecommerce apps? Well if you can answer all these questions, then you too are a part of the growing e-commerce populace that’s driving India’s e-commerce revolution! From the towering skyscrapers of financial districts to the bustling markets […]

MENA e-commerce: A unique ecosystem, in a period of transition

Amidst the turbulence of the pandemic, the digital economy surged globally, but nowhere more profoundly than in the MENA region. This is because we were still in the period of customer acquisition where the marketing spending was extremely high. The pandemic helped leapfrog these days, placing our region on a pedestal of growth. Now, as […]

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Smarter Investment Decisions

In the ever-evolving landscape of venture capitalism, the quest for the next big investment opportunity is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. With countless companies vying for attention, how does one discern diamonds from the rough?  Enter the strategic deal qualification exercise between a leading VC firm and a team of seasoned […]

Indonesia Quick Commerce: Can it crack the code like India? 

Quick Commerce (QC) stumbled in Indonesia (and elsewhere) thanks to some business model hiccups. But look at India – QC’s not just surviving, it’s stealing thunder from mainstream e-commerce giants.  This playbook could be the key to unlocking QC’s true potential in Indonesia. It’s a challenge, but winnable. Grab and Astro – the QC frontrunners […]

The pathway to supercharging MSME growth

The Indian MSME growth story is being catalyzed by two ongoing watershed movements– the first being the transition of the nation into a paperless economy and the second being the increased formalization of the informal economy. At the juncture of these two movements, the sector has played a critical role in the expansion of the […]

Digitized India: Catalysing the Payments landscape

Recent trends in the online payments’ ecosystem have brought much change to how consumers carry out their day-to-day transactions. From UPI and digital wallets to BNPL, online payments have come a long way to make life easier for both consumers and businesses. In response to increasing users, fintech companies are also gearing up to meet […]

Indian Tech’s Trillion-Dollar Trajectory: IPOs Lead the Charge

As the Indian technology ecosystem braces for an unprecedented era of growth, a recent report by Redseer titled “India’s Evolving Tech Fundraising Market,” a collaboration between HSBC and Redseer sheds light on the significant transformations underway. The headline-grabbing projection is that the total market cap of listed new-age stocks in India is poised to skyrocket […]

Recovery, Resilience and building on Optimism for 2024    

As we bid farewell to 2023, a year marked by dynamic evolution and unparalleled resilience in the startup ecosystem, we stand on the precipice of 2024, filled with renewed hope and determination. This year’s journey, woven with the threads of recovery, resilience, and digitization, not only tested our mettle but also showcased India’s collective capacity […]

Impact of DPI on the Indian Internet Economy

Over the past several years, India has embarked on a remarkable journey towards becoming a digitally enabled society. This digital transformation has not only reshaped the nation’s socioeconomic landscape but also served as a global model for how technology can be harnessed to uplift and connect diverse and large populations. At the heart of this […]

What does eCommerce Consumer Confidence look like post festive season 2023? 

Both online and offline retail in India started gaining momentum from Q1FY24 with offline retail growing faster than ecommerce in Q2FY24. As per seasonal trends and captured in our ECCI of 131 for Jul’23 this led to a strong festive season of Oct-Nov ‘23.  Not surprisingly in the post-festive period, the sentiment for future 4-months […]

Indonesia: Regulations Hammer Live-Commerce, But Resurgence Remains on Cards

Indonesia’s regulatory curveball, mandating the separation of e-commerce and live-streaming functions, will take the steam out of the live-commerce juggernaut. GMV growth rates will moderate in the short term. However, the sector’s structural growth trajectory will remain intact. We think TikTok will make a comeback via a live-commerce-free e-commerce route. Assuming no further regulatory changes, […]

Festive Optimism Prevails: MSME Sellers Eye Sales Surge

Everyone in India is gearing up for the coming festivities. And in that spirit, Redseer is watching all aspects of the ecommerce Industry’s biggest GMV churner, the festive season sales. Our latest analysis takes into account the MSME seller’s perspective and how online sellers are expecting to buck the trend in a tough year. In […]

90,000 Crore. That’s How Much GMV Festive Season 2023 Can Clock 

Over the years, the remarkable transformation of e-commerce has redefined India’s retail landscape. From its modest inception in 2014 to the upcoming celebration of the 10th anniversary of India’s eTailing festive season, the industry’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.  2023 marks the 10th year of festive e-commerce sales in India.  The Indian eTailing […]

Decoding MENA BNPL Market

1. Credit card adoption has been limited in MENA due to Shariah non-compliance, despite high banking penetration. Despite having a well-established banking sector, KSA faces hurdles when it comes to credit card adoption, with adoption ~20%. This is significantly lower than that of its global counterparts. The primary reason for this low adoption rate is […]

Decoding the Success of Pure-Play Beauty Companies

The Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) market globally is a highly attractive market and is evolving rapidly. As a result, there is scaled influx of brands into the space. With this context, Rohan Agarwal, Partner at Redseer Strategy Consultants, decodes the keys to success for brands in this space. 1. Globally, BPC is the fastest […]

Beauty Unveiled: Decoding the Success of Pure-Play Beauty Companies

Cover image of Redseer's BPC report

The Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) industry stands as a captivating global sector, marked by its remarkable growth and profitability. Over the past decade, the BPC landscape has witnessed profound shifts in consumer behaviour, with a surge in trend adoption and evolving expectations from products. This transformation, amplified by the influence of social media and […]

eCommerce spending sentiment outlook remains optimistic

As businesses world over are battling recession and bringing their offline operations and revenues back to pre-Covid levels, eCommerce growth appears to have peaked and plateaued. RBI’s consumer confidence index assessment of household sentiment about the current and future economic situation gives a sense check on how consumers plan ahead for future expenses. To complement […]

Spring on the horizon: Funding winter to blow over in 6-12 months

It’s been a frigid period for startups, characterized by tightened investor budgets and a visible slowdown in the fervor that was once the hallmark of the sector. However, beneath the icy exterior, a subtle yet steadfast undercurrent of optimism remains. The belief is that this downturn is just a temporary phase, laying the foundation for […]

Are Indian Tech Startups IPO Ready?

Indian new-age tech companies, characterized by innovation, grew in popularity over the last few years. Their growth was propelled by strong customer love. Moreover, liquidity was amenable to their growth plans. This helped a few new-age companies to go public. In 2022, with the macroeconomic conditions tightening across the globe, the new-age stocks were scrutinized […]

Unicorns at a Crossroads: The Battle for Profitability in Indian Startup Space  

In the heart of India’s bustling startup ecosystem, a remarkable transformation is unfolding over last one year. As the world navigates the aftermath of a pandemic and economic fluctuations, the Indian startup ecosystem is making a hard pivot from growth to profitability. Startups and their investors are adapting, redefining priorities, and embracing new business models […]

Shark Tank India: A Win-Win for Startups and Investors    

Shark Tank has been a successful business reality series and has managed to capture the imagination of followers across class and ages. While the show is entertainment for most of the viewers, for budding entrepreneurs, it’s a master class in pitching and business negotiation. For the investors and startup owners on the show, it’s an […]

Indian E-tailing Saga: Slow Pace, Steady Stride 

Indian e-tailing industry has gradually slowed post-pandemic but continues to perform better than overall retail consumption. While the greater maturity of current users has propelled eCommerce growth, macroeconomic factors have kept the overall consumption growth tepid in the last few quarters. Continued internet proliferation, efforts by e-commerce platforms to boost the shopping experience, and omnichannel […]

ECCI – A pulse check on future eCommerce trends  

Over the last three years markets around the world have been shaken by a few disruptive events, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and social distancing boosted the growth of eCommerce, however, the economic headwinds have put a dent in the overall consumer confidence. With the increasing maturity of eCommerce, we believe the time is […]

Slowing Consumer Demand: A Double Whammy to Startups in a Funding Winter

The market disruption by the COVID-19 pandemic created phases of growth and slowdowns for startups. As a result, most businesses experienced a net growth that spanned two pandemic waves. However, in CY-2022, global inflationary pressures severely impacted consumer demand. The revenue increase was driven by higher prices, as volumes remained low across the urban and […]

Navigating the Challenging $10-100 Mn Revenue Journey

During the first week of January 2023, the media outlets were abuzz with our finding about startup scaling almost 4x faster currently compared to a couple of decades ago. That is, while startups incorporated in the year 2000 took 18 years to reach US$ 100 million revenue, the ones founded in 2017 took 4-5 years. […]

Inside Story of 40,000 Crore Festive Season 2022

Diwali is an occasion when growth, prosperity and togetherness are celebrated across the world. This celebration comes with people exchanging gifts and sweets and the elderly blessing the younger ones with the joy of success. And when it comes to business, consumers’ happiness and appreciation are a true blessing. Well, thanks to the dynamic continuous […]

Online Fashion Market in India

Buy Full Report 1. The Fashion market is growing at a CAGR of 11% with online fashion growing the fastest, at a CAGR of ~32% Published on: Nov 2019 Consumers across India have been gradually veering towards organized and online retail. Organized retail has been driven by the wide network of stores of brands across […]