Breaking barriers: Rise of challenger platforms in digital advertising landscape 

The advertising market in India is likely to observe a muted year for advertising spend with a ~6% growth. Total advertising spend is poised to reach US$16-17 Bn in FY24, heavily impacted by the slowdown in consumption observed in the last 5-6 quarters. Digital Advertising which accounted for 55-56% of total advertising spend in FY24 […]

Decoding the Digital Advertising Playing Field in FY24 

Redseer’s latest report ‘Breaking barriers: Rise of challenger platforms in the digital advertising landscape‘ reveals that FY2024 is likely to be a muted year for advertising spend with a ~6% growth. Total advertising spend is poised to reach US$16-17 Bn in FY24, heavily impacted by the slowdown in consumption observed in the last 5-6 quarters. […]

Making waves the Audio Series way

The Digital Media & Entertainment (M&E) landscape has exhibited significant growth potential over the years. It comprises three vibrant and competitive pillars: Social Media, Video Streaming, and Audio Streaming. Although social media is the fastest growing pillar of Digital M&E globally, the growing popularity of the Audio Series format and non-music entertainment within Audio Streaming […]

Ear-It-All: The booming world of audio series

Redseer's Audio Series report

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector stands as a cornerstone of online content consumption, serving billions of internet users worldwide. Acting as a gateway to the digital economy, M&E has seen significant evolution over the years. While social media and Video Streaming have reached maturity, Audio Streaming, particularly Audio Series, emerges as a promising frontier […]

The decathlon to Bharat’s Short-Form Video-loving audiences

A relatively new phenomenon is taking Bharat content consumers by storm, absorbing over an hour of their time on a daily basis. Original, premier and linguistically diverse content guided by cutting-edge NLP/ML algorithms finds its way to this incredibly diverse demographic and elicits higher rates of engagement. India’s very own Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms are […]

As Core Gaming scores points in India, will investors join the quest?

FY23 alone saw more casual gamers graduating to core gaming, signalling a major structural shift in India’s gaming ecosystem. As more and more Monthly Average Users (MAUs) willingly participate in the requisite payments to level up, the time is ripe to explore ways in which this growing cohort can be best engaged and monetized.   In […]

Indian SFV Platforms: High on Demand from all Quarters

Through its brief yet eventful run, TikTok surprised the nation with its unprecedented success as a social media platform in a) democratizing the content creation process to Tier-2+ cities, b) breaking down language barriers, c) making the best use of India’s digitization movement. It was only natural for the sudden ban of this highly engaging and […]

Demystifying India’s SFV platforms 

The rise of Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms in India, driven by a user base of over 250 million, with a significant majority from Tier-2 cities and beyond, is reshaping the advertising landscape. Original, relatable, and non-inflammatory content has led to high user engagement, reflected in a Net Promoter Score of approximately 55%. Razor-sharp content recommendations […]

Indonesia’s Mobile Gaming: Levelling Up In-App-Purchase

With more than 70% population holding a smartphone in their hand, gaming has become more accessible to people across socio-economic groups in Indonesia. Thanks to In-App Purchases (IAP) gaining more traction, the country is set to be one of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world. In this newsletter, we highlight the mobile game […]

Disruption of the digital disrupters

There are some interesting trends playing out in the dynamic realm of digital entertainment. OTT video & audio streaming services are thriving in developed MENA nations. These industries are shifting to ad-based models to create mass appeal and drive penetration beyond the urban elite consumers. Thus, the Digital advertising space is set to be disrupted, […]

Fantasy Cricket Fever Takes Over IPL 2023 with Record Revenue      

Millions of fans follow IPL, the most awaited sporting event in the country. While the quality time spent in the evenings with friends and family watching their favorite teams play keeps most engaged, others are glued to their screens for a chance to add to the excitement and win big. To the average enthusiast, fantasy […]

Influence Marketplace – A silver bullet for influencer marketing success     

Internet and Smartphone use in India has witnessed a phenomenal proliferation in the last few years to reach 780 Mn users nationwide. Consuming and creating content has always been challenging for the masses opening up new marketing avenues for brands and internet platforms. In the wake of all the User Generated Content – UGC, a […]

Will MENA tune in to music streaming?

Despite the significant growth of digital technology and the high adoption of smart devices in the MENA region, music streaming has yet to reach the same level of popularity as other parts of the world. However, this presents an opportunity for the music industry to tap into the untapped potential of the region’s market. With […]

Regional Music Streaming- Hitting The Right Notes

Going vernacular is the new music buzz in town and with the recent win of Natu Natu’s song at the Golden Globe Award and Oscar, the trend is just getting started. India has had a long history of audio content consumption in the form of radio and mass media channels that played non-stop music. With […]

IPL 2023 Set to Draw Record Growth for Fantasy Games 

The Indian Premiere League has a massive following which has grown every year since its inception in 2008. While it was mostly television entertainment for the majority of the audience, newer avenues of engagement since the proliferation of the internet, such as OTT platforms and fantasy leagues, are driving the growth in the IPL economy. […]

IPL Economy 2023

India is a cricket-crazy country celebrating or sobbing together with unmatched passion as their team scores or sinks. IPL 2023 is constantly keeping the nation on its toes, with 10 teams competing for the coveted trophy. The cash-rich league has nearly all top global players playing this season.   While the live game in the stadiums […]

Influencing On The Way Up!, Part 2

Here we share how influencer marketing is gaining prominence as an impactful digital ads channel. We find that understanding regional user nuances, category mix, and niche marketing tools is critical to creating to an influencer marketing campaign.   This article builds on our earlier note on the rise of influencer marketing in Indonesia, influencing-on-the-way-up. 1. Influencer marketing […]

Rise of India’s Hardcore Gamers

Gaming has steadily grown in popularity ever since owning smartphones became the norm for the masses. In recent years India’s gaming market witnessed a surge in growth catalyzed by the pandemic and the advent of live-streaming platforms. A category of ‘hardcore’ gamers has emerged since, who spend a significant time gaming and streaming their gameplay […]

Unlocking the keys to becoming a successful consultant in India: Three insider secrets! 

Redseer Strategy Consulting is a team of business, strategy and technology consultants who help clients envision and build their future in the digital world. As we work with visionaries across multiple industries across the globe, we understand the efforts and skills required of a consultant to be successful.   To help candidates pursue a successful career, […]

How Consultants Can Benefit From ChatGPT? 

Do you want to know what ChatGPT can do for you? Well, here’s a question to think about:  “Are there any repetitive tasks you’re doing that could be done by AI so you can focus on more important things in your work?”  As a consultant, here are three things you can use ChatGPT for:  Improving […]

Digital Advertising in India and disruptive trends

Image of Digital Advertising

The advertising industry has found new, unique and effective ways to communicate to the target audience through digital mediums. This mode of communication geared up following the COVID pandemic. Further, a surge in the usage of smartphones and internet services has opened many doors for digital advertising. As per our data, digital ad spending in […]

Digital Ads: The Right Click!

Globally there have been cautionary headwinds for the ad market as a whole, but Southeast Asia has significant headroom to grow due to its low maturity compared to other countries in the region. The market is noticing a shift of advertising spend from offline channels to online channels, and e-commerce ads in particular, due to […]

The Game That Goes Beyond 90 Mins!

Digital Media has revolutionized how we experience sports events; its impact on World Cups has historically been massive and is expected to increase with the current edition of the Qatar World Cup. World Cup will drive audience engagement whose interest is directed not only to the 90 minutes of the game but also to behind-the-scenes […]

OTT Plays Finale After the World Cup

OTT is the future of entertainment, and sports tournaments have emerged to springboard user engagement. FIFA World Cup 2022 is expecting ~5bn viewership, out of which ~1bn viewership is projected through OTT platforms. A steep spike in OTT subscriptions is seen during a major sports event, which experiences a dramatic fall post event. Thus, OTT […]

Entertainment & Advertising | Riding the Digital Wave

India has a diverse and vibrant entertainment industry, with a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. Entertainment consumption patterns in India vary greatly across different regions, cultures, and socio-economic groups. However, there are a few general trends that can be observed.  Television is still the most popular form of entertainment in India, […]

40% of TikTok’s India market captured by homegrown apps

The number of Internet users in India set to grow to 970 million from current 600 million in next 5 years, Shortform market is also estimated to grow by 4x on total time spent and reach to 400-450 billion minutes a month from the current ~110 billion minutes.

Short-form: Rising amidst cluttered content space

Short-form video has emerged as a popular format for content consumption in India in recent years. With the rise of affordable smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity, a large number of people in India now have access to online video content. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have gained significant traction in India, offering […]

Newsletter | Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn opportunity today

India is in the midst of a massive digital transformation of its population Published on: Aug 2019 Heavy social media and content consumption underway in urban and especially rural areas 210 Mn = Current number of vernacular preferring digital consumers in India who are also monetizable Massively growing vernacular user base to create USD 3 […]

Of MAUs And Subscribers In India And The Story Of Indonesia

Hotstar has been leading the Indian content sector followed by Dailyhunt Published on: Jul 2019 Our latest research brings out focuses on the pecking order in the Indian content space, as shown below. An additional observation is that MAUs for the largest players are an order of magnitude larger than the smaller ones. Subscribers of […]

Content Leadership Index

Growth of internet

What does the CLI measure? Published on: June 2019 CLI measures the monetizability of a platform basis three key criteria- Reach, Engagement and Trust Index ratings Player-wise Performance Player-wise Performance- Reach Player-wise Performance- Engagement Player-wise Performance- Trust Framework What does the Content Leadership Index (CLI) measure? Evaluation Parameters and Weights How is it structured > […]