Digital Ads: The Right Click!

In today’s newsletter, we look at the digital advertising market in Southeast Asia and the increasing interest in e-commerce ads. Globally there have been cautionary headwinds for the ad market as a whole, but Southeast Asia has significant headroom to grow due to its low maturity compared to other countries in the region. The market […]

The Game That Goes Beyond 90 Mins!

Digital Media has revolutionized how we experience sports events; its impact on World Cups has historically been massive and is expected to increase with the current edition of the Qatar World Cup. World Cup will drive audience engagement whose interest is directed not only to the 90 minutes of the game but also to behind-the-scenes […]

OTT Plays Finale After the World Cup

OTT is the future of entertainment, and sports tournaments have emerged to springboard user engagement. FIFA World Cup 2022 is expecting ~5bn viewership, out of which ~1bn viewership is projected through OTT platforms. A steep spike in OTT subscriptions is seen during a major sports event, which experiences a dramatic fall post event. Thus, OTT […]

MENAT Gaming: Doubling XP

The supply side is gearing up to tap into the massive opportunity which is unfolding, through localization, technology investments and eSports events

Monetizing shortform, the Tiktok way

Social and video media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube soon followed providing consumers with new ways to interact and brands adopted those platforms for ads.

Short Form Market Updates

Published on: Apr 2021 India’s shortform video apps has seen V-shaped recovery; bringing back the userbase to nearly 100% of TikTok user base levels, Published on: Dec 2020 We as indians are the biggest content consumers in the world

Social Media Spend Goes Mainstream

Social media now accounts for almost half of the digital advertising spend in the MENA region. We expect that in 2021, social media ad spend will overtake non-digital/traditional media spending in our region.


This market seems to have a lot of preconditions to achieve massive growth over the next 2-3 years. If the right supply side levers are pulled, this opportunity could multiply 2x by 2024E.

News Aggregators Market Updates

Buy Full Report 1. Dailyhunt emerges as the clear leader in terms of Reach and advertiser Trust Published on: Jun 2019 RedSeer’s Content Leadership Index evaluates the players in the market on the parameters of 1) Reach 2) Engagement and 3) Trust. We believe these parameters represent both the size and quality of the consumer […]

Getting to precovid levels with ” New Normals “

While July turned to be a decent month for the OTT Audio space, which witnessed a recovery. For the OTT Video and Shortform sector, it was a month were new normals were established in the post covid world.

Newsletter | Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn opportunity today

India is in the midst of a massive digital transformation of its population Published on: Aug 2019 Heavy social media and content consumption underway in urban and especially rural areas 210 Mn = Current number of vernacular preferring digital consumers in India who are also monetizable Massively growing vernacular user base to create USD 3 […]

Of MAUs And Subscribers In India And The Story Of Indonesia

Hotstar has been leading the Indian content sector followed by Dailyhunt Published on: Jul 2019 Our latest research brings out focuses on the pecking order in the Indian content space, as shown below. An additional observation is that MAUs for the largest players are an order of magnitude larger than the smaller ones. Subscribers of […]

MENA Marketing Taking Social Media Journey

Business in MENA are taking digital journey led by social media, for marketing its products and services to customers Published on: Jul 2019 MENA region comprising of GCC, Levant and North Africa is home to 40+mn businesses represented by corporates, government, SMEs and self-employed. These businesses in the MENA region are increasingly using digital platforms […]

Content Leadership Index

Growth of internet

What does the CLI measure? Published on: June 2019 CLI measures the monetizability of a platform basis three key criteria- Reach, Engagement and Trust Index ratings Player-wise Performance Player-wise Performance- Reach Player-wise Performance- Engagement Player-wise Performance- Trust Framework What does the Content Leadership Index (CLI) measure? Evaluation Parameters and Weights How is it structured > […]