E-tailing horizontals vs verticals and Flipkart’s furniture success

Flipkart has grown to capture 41% of online furniture market share Published on: Sep 2019 Hyperlocal e-grocery- Market growing at triple digits, with sector specialists continuing leadership Despite aggressive moves by horizontals, their hyperlocal grocery businesses have made a limited dent in the market As verticals continue to thrive basis their core value proposition of […]

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabled restaurants to increase overall top line by 30% via a large consumer base and strong brand impact With improved kitchen utilization, online partnerships have also enabled restaurants to improve their bottom-line […]

Ready to Cook Market: India

1. Ready to Cook Food market is gaining adoption among consumers owing to increasing urbanization and demand for convenience food Published on: Aug 2019 Ready to Cook market in India stands at INR 2100 Cr in 2019 and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% to reach INR 4800 Cr by […]

GCC – World’s first omni-channel superapp?

GCC – a unique market showing characteristics of both developed and developing markets GCC countries have most of their population concentrated in urban centres. This helps the organized retail players to make a deeper reach out to the population, resulting in a high representation of organized players in retail. This characteristic of the high share […]

What Moats Are Being Built By Tokopedia, Blibli and Bukalapak?

Tokopedia- Leadership in digital goods supported by a wide pool of fin-tech products Published on: Aug 2019 Blibli- Digitizing Indonesia’s USD 150+ bn grocery retail space via BlibliMart Bukalapak’s Mitra program- First mover advantage in a USD 14 Bn 2025 opportunity

Can MENA Have A Superapp?

Globally, apps are taking superapp journey by adding services to its offering and increasing per-customer revenue Published on: Jul 2019 A country/region becomes superapp ready when its large base of the population is smartphone first instead of desktop and the ecosystem of apps customized to local needs is not evolved. WeChat in China leveraged this […]

What Makes Indonesia’s Online Travel And Payments Space So Exciting

Ecommerce Growth

Traveloka – Flying high in USD 21 bn Indonesian online travel opportunity Published on: Jul 2019 Online travel in Indonesia to grow at 25% CAGR over the next few years, with both incumbents (traveloka) and insurgents (tiket.com) spending heavily to grow the market All major e-tailers including Tokopedia, Bukalapak and others have also entered the […]

Decoding The Indonesian Online Seller

Sellers prefer an online retail platform majorly for their consumer reach followed by their UX/UI experience and word of mouth Published on: Jul 2019 Our research shows that Top 4 platforms are especially preferred for their reach, while sellers sell on social media primarily due to its zero commissions and easy to use UX/UI (and […]

What’s Showing At (Amazon) Prime Time?

The story of Amazon Prime in India- as told through three charts Published on: Jul 2019 On the occasion of the Prime Day sale event, we conducted research around the scale of Amazon Prime in India, key messages from which are shown below. What do users of long-form video platforms consume? Our research on consumers […]

Decoding The Indonesian Online Shopper

Reasons for shopping online vary significantly in Greater Jakarta vs Rest of Indonesia- indicating differing consumer maturities Published on: Jul 2019 RedSeer consumer research on 1500 online shoppers in Indonesia indicates that while Greater Jakarta shoppers cite ‘convenience’ as major most important reason for shopping online. While the top reason is ‘low price’ for Rest […]

Online Interior Design Market Updates

Buy Full Report Customization and Lead qualification key to scalability in the Online Interior Design market Published on: Apr 2019 Online Interior Design market is a large and fledgling opportunity in India (RSC estimates the market to be ~$ 100 mn in FY19, with online penetration of <1%). Despite the large addressable opportunity, leading Online […]

Social Commerce Market Updates

Strong initial adoption of deal-sharing based social e-com platforms points to bright future ahead Published on: Apr 2019 The next 100 Mn online shoppers poised to come from the smaller cities of India and likely to have very different behaviour and needs vs the current group of shoppers. E-commerce platforms that tap into the social […]

Online Grocery Market Updates | Middle-East

Buy Full Report Share of organized grocery retail in UAE+KSA is expected to increase to 80% by 2022, from current 60%; Unorganized grocery retail to shrink Published on: Jan 2019 RedSeer estimates grocery retail to grow at CAGR of ~5% to reach size of USD 73 Bn by 2022, from current USD 60 Bn for […]

State of e-tailing in India

Though the demand for preventive healthcare has soared since the pandemic and startups in the space are striving to ride this tailwind, it is still largely an untapped market. The opportunities are huge for businesses. The report delves into the entire landscape and shares pointers on how to cash in on the opportunities by tapping into emerging technologies.