B2B Trucking – An Interview with Eric Dharma, Group president at Waresix

In today’s newsletter, we look at the digital advertising market in Southeast Asia and the increasing interest in e-commerce ads. Globally there have been cautionary headwinds for the ad market as a whole, but Southeast Asia has significant headroom to grow due to its low maturity compared to other countries in the region. The market […]

Black Friday Sales To Cross ~ $350 Bn This Year

Black Friday, the biggest shopping extravaganza, presents a ~$350 Bn global opportunity through online sales. This year Black Friday will coincide with FIFA World Cup, impacting customers’ purchase behaviour and shopping patterns. Driven by deals and discounts, the Black Friday season is filled with excitement for shoppers, and financial sharing applications are providing an additional […]

A Cup Full Of Food

Food delivery market is poised to benefit from the celebratory atmosphere that has been a feature of Mega sports events. High consumption enthusiasm will drive consumer spending and acts as a springboard to boost sales. “The Qatar cloud kitchen culture is rapidly evolving and will naturally get a major boost from the celebratory atmosphere” Ramez […]

The Most Inclusive Football Tournament

It is our pleasure to release our report “The Most Inclusive Football Tournament” covering key themes that will play out during the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. The championship in Qatar is one of the largest sporting events in a post-pandemic world. This report covers the impact, market outlook, and evolving consumer and supplier trends […]

The Most Inclusive Football Tournament

Football world championship in Qatar is one of the largest sporting events in a post-pandemic world. Enabled by the proliferation of digital media channels and internet/smartphone penetration, an unprecedented 5 billion consumers are expected to engage with the event. Consumption is expected to spike during the tournament which overlaps with the retail festive season. The […]

How can restaurants sustain in the evolving food service industry?

MENA Food Delivery Ecosystem is rapidly evolving. While food aggregators helped restaurants weather the pandemic, their impact on the profit margins has been reduced. Restaurants are creating own unique propositions to attract consumers and consecutively restaurant own apps are now the fastest growing segment. Evolving stakeholder economics is poised to reshape the food delivery market in […]

Is direct the way to go for Beauty?

The BPC market in the MENA region is going through a transformational period driven by evolving consumer needs and shopper persona. While legacy brands have undertaken various initiatives to fulfill emerging trends, consumers aren’t fully satisfied. This has led to the emergence of D2C brands who have been able to develop meaningful relationships with customers […]

Black Friday Alert!

Black Friday has emerged as one of the most important events in retail in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), owing to the wide array of deals and discounts, spread out over the 5–6 week festive period. As retail traffic is set to be high; retailers in the region need to be cognizant of […]

Inside Story of 40,000 Crore Festive Season 2022

Diwali is an occasion when growth, prosperity and togetherness are celebrated across the world. This celebration comes with people exchanging gifts and sweets and the elderly blessing the younger ones with the joy of success. And when it comes to business, consumers’ happiness and appreciation are a true blessing. Well, thanks to the dynamic continuous […]

Black Friday Shopping Season Is Here

Black Friday is the most anticipated online shopping event of the year, owing to the wide array of deals and discounts, spread out over the 5–6-week festive period. This year promises to be no different with consumer purchase intent peaking in anticipation of this sales extravaganza. With interesting price drops and high consumer purchase intent, […]

SEA eB2B Landscape

The eB2B landscape in SEA countries of Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines offers strong growth prospects with ~40% or higher CAGR during 2021-26. The inherent inefficiencies in the traditional supply chains make eB2B an attractive business proposition. It addresses stockouts, product variety, financing options and other pain points for retailers. Similarly, they help brands with increasing […]

The biggest ever World Cup

1. Online viewership expected to reach 5 Bn during FIFA World Cup 2022 5 Bn eyes are expected to be glued to FIFA World Cup in Qatar, expecting a growth of over 43% than the viewership witnessed during FIFA World Cup in Russia. Covid fueled digital penetration which has given fans multiple ways for football […]

What’s Brewing In Indonesia Coffee Chains? – Part 3

In today’s newsletter, we are revisiting the new-age (online-focused) coffee chain models in Indonesia and providing color on how they are witnessing a revival in growth amid shifting consumer preferences. Compared to other business models, these players have been less affected by COVID due to their greater online presence, access and affordable offerings. They are […]

The biggest ever World Cup

1. Qatar, the first Middle East nation to hold the World Cup is spending a massive $200 Bn in the lead up to the Mega event Qatar is the first Middle East country which will be hosting the FIFA World Cup. This World Cup will be the most compact World Cup where all the stadiums […]

Online Fundamentally Altered Grocery Buying Behavior

1. Grocery was the most underpenetrated online sector pre pandemic… The Grocery sector has been a predominantly offline shopped sector before the covid 19 pandemic, due to its essential nature. Consumers have always preferred to personally check the products before shopping for grocery as it directly impacts their health and wellbeing. Grocery shopping was a […]

The Biggest GMV Churner of E-Tailing industry

Festive sales are a concept that has run across geographies, where China and US have gone mainstream with massive sales events like the Single’s Day Sale and Black Friday Sale respectively. Back home, festive season is in full swing, and so are the sales. Here are some interesting trends and projections for the upcoming festive […]

Redseer’s MENA Consumer Electronics perspective is now available

1. The Consumer Electronics retail market will represent a ~$100 Bn opportunity by 2027… The electronics market in MENA is currently ~$60 Bn and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 9% to be a ~100 market by 2027. UAE & KSA account for close to half of the market currently and their share […]

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022

Ramadan is a $6.2 Bn online sales event in MENA. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA.

Consumer Internet in Indonesia

Indonesia’s e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing globally and accounts for more than half of the SEA e-commerce market

3 Themes to Look out for in 2022

These supply and demand trends have placed the Direct to consumer (D2C) channel on a pedestal of growth and this segment already accounts for ~15% of online retail in key e-tail markets in METAP.

Quick Commerce: MENA’s Hidden Gems

Q-commerce with sectors that already have the necessary digital infrastructure and consumer awareness in the MENA region expands the market potential for quick commerce to encompass a $100 Bn opportunity .

Black Friday – $6Bn Online Shopping Event

Black Friday is a critical event in the retail calendar in MENA. This event which was first launched by Souq (now Amazon) as a 3-day online only event has now expanded to over six weeks of Q4. The event has been so popular that ~20% of annual online retail sales happen during the Black Friday sale period.

Key Black Friday Trends:

a. The Market is Stabilizing:
Last year BF season achieved +90% YoY growth; this year YoY growth is expected to stabilize at ~30%; Sales to reach ~$6 bn during BF period.
b. Differentiated Strategies are going to be at play
In terms of strategy, higher focus on private labels, Inventory led fulfilment and fast delivery speed are expected.
c. Consumer is moving beyond discounts
Discounts will become a right-to-play during BF. For right-to-win, other factors such as offer variety and exclusivity and experience will be key.

The Revival of Tourism

We expect the sector to multiply 4x from 2020 levels to represent a USD 165 Bn market by 2025

MENA Q-commerce: Unlocking $20bn

MENA Q-commerce market is expected to grow by 24% to reach $20bn as consumers continue looking for convenience and immediate gratification.

eGrocery: Pureplay Etailers drive growth

In a span of one year, we have seen the KSA eGrocery market grow from negligible share in 2019 to 1% in 2020. However KSA’s eGrocery maturity still lags compared to other economies.

eCommerce Roll-Ups: On A Roll

E-Commerce has been flourishing as an important channel for retail of consumer products across the globe and has paved way for retailers, merchants, and independent private labels to scale.

Is the era of live commerce set to begin?

India’s telemedicine market is currently ~INR 7K Cr. The segment is now seeing more traction as people are adopting it faster as they are reluctant to risk and physically visit a doctor.

QSR Market: Always Adapting to Change

QSR’s are usually met with the trade-off between focusing on their own app vs a marketplace app. Each have their own pros and cons. Broadly, having one’s own app creates better control of the brand, greater engagement with the customer but it is a high cost and effort activity in terms of building a userbase and capabilities.

Baby boom to boost online baby care

Online players are better positioned to capture the emerging opportunity: > USD 1 Bn to be added to Online Mom & Baby care segment over next 5 years

Keeping up with the consumer

Q-commerce has enabled consumers to try new online categories because of its convenience thus increasing the share of wallet.