MENA Digital Economy: On The Cusp Of A Digital Revolution

MENA is a ~$2.8Tn economy with a young and vibrant digitally evolved population and strong enabling logistics infrastructure, making the region a fertile ground for digital solutions. Strong regulatory backing, coupled with macroeconomic tailwinds including the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of the MENA digital economy. Online service users are set to grow by 100 […]

PropTech In Southeast Asia

1. Indonesia is the largest real estate market in the region accounting for more than 50% of the overall realty market in SEA The combined real estate market size in the six focus countries of SEA is over $100 Billion. Indonesia and Vietnam are emerging as the most exciting real estate markets in the region […]

Indonesia Electric Vehicles: Charging Up

1. Indonesia possesses the macro tailwinds needed to stimulate the growth of the Electric Vehicles sector Indonesian government wants to invest for a green economy, hence has launched a roadmap to convert fuel engine vehicles to BEVs(Battery Electric Vehicle) and hybrid electric vehicles(HEVs).It possesses the largest nickel(an important component of Li-ion battery) reserves in the […]