Shared Mobility in the Post-Pandemic World

Owing to the inadequacy of the public transport infrastructure, and the demand-supply gap, the shared mobility seems to be on a great ride of its own, poised to experience 5X growth in a few years.

Recovery Stories in Consumer, Retail and Internet

However, as the partial and full unlock has proceeded, few of the internet sectors have seen either seen a release of the pent-up demand or a new sector baseline has been set, as some of the newer COVID Induced behaviors remain broadly sticky.

eGrocery | First COVID & Now JioMart | Part 2

COVID-19 provided a significant push to the eGrocery market as consumers realized the value of at-home access to groceries. In addition to providing convenience, variety & value, eGrocery platforms are now considered to provide safety as well.

India eHealth – COVID-19 Impact and Way forward

Drive by 3x growth in user base and likely increase in average spends per user especially in prescription drugs and consultations, we are very bullish that the eHealth market is on track to achieve ~300+% growth y-o-y in 2020.

EdTech – COVID Tailwinds – The Time is Now

EdTech companies too have been agile in responding to the crisis by making their offerings free – resulting in almost 2x rise in EdTech users within a couple of months to make the user base to 90Mn in April’ 20

All roads Lead to Kirana

1. India has 15+Mn Kirana stores that face four big challenges in daily operations- each of which is a massive opportunity for tech start-ups Indian retail market is marked by the presence of 15Mn Kirana stores which has penetrated into the nook and corner of the country. However, this traditional distribution structure is highly fragmented leading […]

India internet x profitability: What to watch in 2020

1. Changing macroeconomic and funding scenario in 2020 will see two big themes playing out for India’s internet start-ups Given the macroeconomic trends and the funding environment globally, we were keen to explore how do India’s internet start-ups look like on unit economics at the start of the new decade in 2020. Scanning through our […]

User perspective on eB2B platforms

eB2B platforms have driven high awareness in their target segments, with high willingness to use the platforms as well Published on: Dec 2019 eB2B players have driven significantly strong awareness for their offerings, via both organic and inorganic approaches. And this has led to a high share of ‘willing to use’ users as well, which […]

Home Services Market Updates

‘Convenience’ ranks much ahead of ‘price’ as the main reason to avail on-demand home services Published on: Dec 2019 Compared to many sectors, on-demand home services has a high share of ‘convenience seeking users’ Which is likely to enable players to rationalize pricing and driving better unit economics in the long run Home services consumers […]

Organized Grocery Retail In India

Of India’s retail basket, Food & Grocery (F&G) category comprising fresh fruits & vegetables, packaged food, personal care & home care and utilities is a significant 65% ($525 Bn) of the wallet spend whilst the organized share is marginal, at lowest penetration factor of 3.6% contribution.

Omnichannel adoption across major retail categories in India

1. The omnichannel adoption journey includes both experiential technologies along with basic features and restructured business models Published on: Nov 2019 Omnichannel adoption is facilitated by the implementation of certain features, technology and restructuring in one’s business model that enables the integrated approach across channels. Across businesses, inventory integration becomes a major need for omnichannel […]

Retail 3.0 : The emergence of the omnichannel

1. Organized B&M is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% while online retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of 35% till 2022 Published on: Nov 2019 Organized retailers have gradually expanded into several categories and no longer stick to just one format or product offering. They have been leveraging their brand […]

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

Driven by a consistent expected increase in private consumption, the Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25 Published on: Nov 2019 Despite the current economic slowdown and our expected normalized real GDP forecast of 6 to 7%, we expect the private consumption expenditure to […]

Online Fashion Market in India

Buy Full Report 1. The Fashion market is growing at a CAGR of 11% with online fashion growing the fastest, at a CAGR of ~32% Published on: Nov 2019 Consumers across India have been gradually veering towards organized and online retail. Organized retail has been driven by the wide network of stores of brands across […]

A look at the Budget Hotel space and the Digital Book Keeping apps.

Budget and Mid Market hotels will continue to dominate India’s lodging space Published on: Nov 2019 Travellers are gradually shifting towards experiential and adventurous stays which are offered by homestays and hostels Expected to witness the highest growth Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs New age book […]

Organized Grocery Retail in India

Modern Retail in India is on the growth trajectory driven by consumer’s shopping behaviour and re-aligned focus of retailers Published on: Nov 2019 Private consumption, currently at 59% of GDP will continue to be the main driver of growth, growing at a robust CAGR of ~11% between 2018 and 2023. Merchandise retail accounts for 49% […]

The future is bright for online fashion and car classifieds

1. Once-small online fashion/beauty category on track to exceed USD 7 Bn in GMV in 2019 and USD 25 bn by CY22 Published on: Oct 2019 Women fashion growing faster and ethnic clothing compared to footwear and other accessories – case of democratization of user base Super-verticals growing at 100%+ due to differentiated offerings, fast […]

Of digital book-keeping apps, foodtech subscriptions and festive sales

1. Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs Published on: Oct 2019 New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage amongst large chunk of their user base- indicating increasing comfort A significant chunk of app users are having more than 50% of all their transactions recorded on […]

Indian Niche Food Brands

1. Niche food brands are gaining traction among the educated urban and semi-urban youth in India Published on: Oct 2019 The niche packaged food industry is pegged to grow at ~16.5% to reach USD 59 Bn by 2022 from USD 37 Bn at present. Unlike the previous decade, this time these niche brands, or ‘challengers’ […]

What does the 2019 e-tailing festive season have in store?

E-Tailers on track to sell USD ~3.7 Bn of goods during festive event 1- up 60-65% y-o-y Published on: Sep 2019 Key drivers of growth to be an expansion in online shoppers who will likely shop across categories (even beyond mobiles) Compared to business as usual days, we expect that e-tailers will likely see a […]

How small and large internet sectors are driving adoption and profitability

1. E-Tailers on track to significantly reduce cash burn over next few years Published on: Sep 2019 Cash burn expected to drop significantly for e-tailers over next few years Biggest levers supporting the trend are the rapid growth of higher-margin categories (vs mobiles) and improved supply chains to rationalize costs 2. Challenges and opportunity to […]

E-Tailing’s changing category mix and future of lodging

Despite slowing growth of mobiles category, e-tailing firmly on track to grow 32% in 2019 and reach USD ~82 Bn by 2022 Published on: Sep 2019 2019 to see the slowest growth in online mobiles sales in the last five years Despite the slowdown in mobiles, e-tailing to continue its rapid growth trajectory owing to […]

E-tailing horizontals vs verticals and Flipkart’s furniture success

Flipkart has grown to capture 41% of online furniture market share Published on: Sep 2019 Hyperlocal e-grocery- Market growing at triple digits, with sector specialists continuing leadership Despite aggressive moves by horizontals, their hyperlocal grocery businesses have made a limited dent in the market As verticals continue to thrive basis their core value proposition of […]

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabled restaurants to increase overall top line by 30% via a large consumer base and strong brand impact With improved kitchen utilization, online partnerships have also enabled restaurants to improve their bottom-line […]

Ready to Cook Market: India

1. Ready to Cook Food market is gaining adoption among consumers owing to increasing urbanization and demand for convenience food Published on: Aug 2019 Ready to Cook market in India stands at INR 2100 Cr in 2019 and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% to reach INR 4800 Cr by […]

What’s makes India’s ePharma space so exciting | How will MAUs of digital content platforms grow | Private labels driving online beauty growth story

India’s USD 18 Bn unorganized pharma retailing market is ripe for digital disruption by ePharma players Published on: Aug 2019 Summary takeaways: ePharma (USD 350 Mn in 2018) is <2% of the overall retail pie currently, but poised to expand at least 40% y-o-y, driving significant action from companies and investors ePharma continued action and […]

Newsletter | Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn opportunity today

India is in the midst of a massive digital transformation of its population Published on: Aug 2019 Heavy social media and content consumption underway in urban and especially rural areas 210 Mn = Current number of vernacular preferring digital consumers in India who are also monetizable Massively growing vernacular user base to create USD 3 […]

The Upcoming Fintech Boom In India (And Indonesia)

1. InsurTech marketplaces are growing 100% y-o-y driven by strong growth of both incumbents and new entrants Published on: Aug 2019 Key growth driver of sector incumbents is wide coverage viz strong presence in most insurance categories, across insurance providers An additional growth lever is a strong focus on customer service enabled by a large […]

Enterprise Tech Updates

USD 9+ Bn 2023 digital wholesale pie likely to be captured by full-stack players  Published on: Jun 2019 India’s vast retailer/MSME ecosystem faces multiple challenges in day to day operations- from procuring merchandise in a timely and cost-effective fashion to securing working capital. Digital wholesalers like Udaan and Jumbotail have squarely targeted these retailer needs […]

Content Leadership Index

Growth of internet

What does the CLI measure? Published on: June 2019 CLI measures the monetizability of a platform basis three key criteria- Reach, Engagement and Trust Index ratings Player-wise Performance Player-wise Performance- Reach Player-wise Performance- Engagement Player-wise Performance- Trust Framework What does the Content Leadership Index (CLI) measure? Evaluation Parameters and Weights How is it structured > […]

Childcare Market Updates

Online Childcare: Convenience and Product Quality drive purchase decisions; Lead time and Return experience needs to improve The online Childcare market has attained enviable size in a relatively short timeframe (~$ 500mn in FY19). Given those purchase decisions in the category are partly impulsive/emotional, Online platforms have been able to address/expand the market significantly. An […]

Online Interior Design Market Updates

Buy Full Report Customization and Lead qualification key to scalability in the Online Interior Design market Published on: Apr 2019 Online Interior Design market is a large and fledgling opportunity in India (RSC estimates the market to be ~$ 100 mn in FY19, with online penetration of <1%). Despite the large addressable opportunity, leading Online […]

Social Commerce Market Updates

Strong initial adoption of deal-sharing based social e-com platforms points to bright future ahead Published on: Apr 2019 The next 100 Mn online shoppers poised to come from the smaller cities of India and likely to have very different behaviour and needs vs the current group of shoppers. E-commerce platforms that tap into the social […]

Online Milk Delivery Updates

1. Milk has the highest frequency and the lowest margins in the daily essentials category  The online milk delivery business is growing fast in India. The players have focussed on milk category to make consumers habituated with their services as the frequency of milk purchase is high. But since the margins are low in milk, […]