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India’s USD 100+ Bn fashion space (2019)- Brands need to ride the wave of accelerated digital adoption post COVID

Published in Jul, 2020

Executive Summary

There is an increasing need for brands and retailers to look at the online channel seriously in order to effectively perform in the post COVID world of 2020s and beyond.

Despite years of growth, online fashion has stubbornly remained in the single digit online penetration bucket, with mass adoptions still far away. Howeever, the post COVID world will likely see accelerated adoption in this category- a trend that brands and retailers need to closely watch and adapt, in order to win.

This report covers sector-level insights such as etailing business models as well as player-level insights such as or related to Myntra revenue, Myntra business model, Ajio revenue, Ajio business model and Myntra profitability, among others.

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    1. Indian Fashion Market ready for accelerated digitization
    1.1. Market Size and segmentation by subcategory
    1.2. Online funnel- #fashion shoppers and where are they located
    1.3. Online penetration, historical size, growth and recent trends
    1.4. Growth drivers: Reliable Logistics and UI/UX

    2. COVID-19 – Potential tipping point for online channel
    2.1. Business Trends seen post COVID
    2.2. Supply side innovations
    2.3. New Partnerships

    3.Key online themes to watch out for in 2020s decade for fashion
    3.1. Expansion of online funnel post Covid - Tier 2+ customers rise
    3.2. Horizontals vs verticals - Need for a clear strategy
    3.3. Case Studies: Successful fashion brands (pre and post covid)
    3.4. China: Case studies of digital innovation to win this category
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